28 July 2009

Israel Protests Against America

Oh look, America's racist "Best Friends" are attacking the US and the American President again, staging an Anti-US protest in Israel. Now, one wonders if the US press and media will portray this Anti-US protest in the same way as they do when it is Muslims protesting against America, Hmmmmmmm, let me take a wild guess and say "no"
Israeli far right factions have staged a rally in Jerusalem against US President Barack Obama amid growing signs of dissension between the two allies.

Nearly 1,500 people held a demonstration at a Jerusalem (al-Quds) square on Monday evening to protest the policy adopted by the Obama administration in dealing with Israel, the Israeli Channel 7 reported Tuesday.

The event was organized by several right-wing groups including the institution representing West Bank Jewish settlers as well as ultranationalist organizations and the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities.

The anti-Obama rally was supported by the right-wing parties including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, Knesset (Israeli parliament) Members, rabbis and other public officials.

Addressing US President Barack Obama directly, former Knesset member Rabbi Eliezer Waldman said, "You are a racist! How dare you tell Jews that they can't live in this place or in that location? We're finished with such periods in our history!"

The demonstrators also chanted slogans like "Yes to Israeli independence, no to American dictates!"

The protests came as the US and Israel remain at odds over the issue of Jewish settlements built on territories occupied in the 1967 war.

While Washington calls for a complete freeze in the construction of settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is seeking to continue settlement activities "to meet demands caused by natural growth."

Israel had earlier promised to stop such activities but Likud and its right wing allies are reluctant to abide by the regime's previous commitments. source
My pal over at Desertpeace has a great report on this as well, with some photos of the racist mayhem.


Barbara L said...

My dream is to see all Zionists and the other ilk tossed out of every position they hold in North America... nay... every country.

Dare I hope?

Take a look at the YouTube of BobbyFisher some day as he opines on this very subject. Fascinating.

irish4palestine said...

@Barbara, get over to desertpeace and read his post aobut this as well, he's got some great photos of the racist mayhem here:

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