20 July 2009

Israel Time Travels To Wild West

In a scene more reminiscent of Wild West Armed Outlaws, today Zionist outlaws on horseback waged a rampage on Palestinian land. Torching 2000 Olive trees owned of course, by native Palestinians. In the attack two Palestinians were injured and as always folks, "No Comment" from the ZOF (Zionist Occupying Force) or the RZP (Racist Zionist Police) it's the old "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Cover Up" policy
Settlers on horseback torch WBank trees-Palestinians

Israeli settlers on horseback set fire on Monday to at least 1,500 Palestinian-owned olive trees in the occupied West Bank and others stoned cars, a Palestinian security official said.

Two Palestinian motorists were slightly wounded and five vehicles damaged near the settlement of Yitzhar, outside the Palestinian town of Nablus, said the official, Ghassan Daglas.

He said 10 settlers riding horses and carrying torches set fire to between 1,500 and 2,000 olive trees. Olives are an important cash crop for Palestinians, who have complained of frequent attacks on their groves by settlers.

Israeli military and police spokesmen had no immediate comment. Israeli media reports said the rampage was a response by settlers to the army's destruction hours earlier of a caravan at a settlement outpost built without Israeli government approval.source