20 July 2009

Abbas Decides to Look Democratic

Ya gotta love it. July 15th the, "I won't call a FATAH conference, cos I might get replaced, term ended in January, President Abbas" handed down the orders to ban Aljazeera from broadcasting in Palestine. Original report here. Why? because Farouq Qaddoumi, the secretary general of the Fatah’s central committee accused Abbas of working with Israel's Sharon to murder Yassir Arafat, and he has proof. So, as most dictators do, rather than attempt to defend himself, he bans Aljazeera for carring the report, in other words for reporting "news" he did not like. Now that the story is being covered by many other news organisations, and after looking like an eejit, he's had a re-think and allowed Aljazeera to begin broadcasting again.
Palestine lifts Al Jazeera ban in West Bank

Ramallah, West Bank: Palestinian authorities on Sunday allowed Al Jazeera to resume operations in the West Bank, four days after banning the Arab satellite station over a report linking President Mahmoud Abbas to the death of his legendary predecessor, Yasser Arafat. link


Greg Bacon said...

Nothing like supporting 'democracy' by keeping a man in office whose term has expired.

Maybe they need to get some computerized voting machines into the West Bank before Abbas runs for another term.

irish4palestine said...




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