31 July 2009

ISRAEL vs PALESTINE The Difference

Muslim shops in Glasgow, Scotland have been targetted with threats, petrol bombs and arson attacks. Que the silence and lack of outrage....Outside of Israel, Zionist spend the vast majority of their time either attempting to game the system in favour of Israel, or worse, trying to pass laws and legislation that restrict any criticizm of Israel. They forever play the "never ending victim card" and their well organised and well funded groups rally to the call to arms. So, here's my question today; Where's the outrage for this racist attack?
Fire attack on Islamic charity

Two Glaswegians have appeared in court charged in connection with a fire at Islamic Relief’s charity headquarters in Glasgow.

Mark Bining, 34, and Stuart Rose, 25, were in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court on July 9 on one charge of wilful fire-raising. Neither made a plea or declaration and were released on bail.

The fire broke out at the shop in Albert Drive, Pollokshields, in the early hours of July 2. The attack follows a series of threats on the Charity since its involvement in helping the relief effort in Gaza during the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

A charity worker was working inside the building when he smelt smoke. He called the police and the fire department. The blaze was put out and review of the CCTV footage showed two suspects.

Head of Islamic Relief Scotland, Habib Malik, told The Muslim News he did not wish to speculate about the motives until after the court case, however he confirmed that he “received a couple of anonymous phone calls during our Gaza appeal, and they said they’d bomb the centre.

“The attack has not damaged community cohesion, if anything it’s strengthened it. We’ve had members of the community coming in and voicing their concern and disgust.”
The fire has resulted in £80,000 worth of damage on the building of the shop itself and further costs due to the destruction of stock within

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Greg Bacon said...

Here's a site you might want to visit. I tried to leave the below comment, but I guess I've been locked out since it won't accept my blatherings.

Wake up Call to America! The Third Jihad is Here!


And here's the comment:

Next time you engage in propganda, try and be a little more subtle.

Muslims taking over the USA? First they'll have to get hold of the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve and the Jewish controlled firms on Wall Street and the Zionist owned MSM.
Not to mention all those Jews in the State and Treasury Dept.

Israel is so desperate to get American kids fighting and dying in another war for that Aparthied nightmare that Zionist shills are planting scare stories like this one.

Next, it will be on ENN--EMPIRE NEWS NETWORK and being pushed by former AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer and on FOX, another Zionist run outfit.

If you want to bomb Iran, go ahead, but don't expect any help from 'Uncle Sucker.'

Is it scary to think that the USA will actually start thinking for itself and not get bogged down fighting wars for Israel while West Bank land theives steal even more land?

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