03 July 2009

Israel~Anti Arab, Anti Women

Well, it seems that Jewish women in Israel now have something in common with Palestinians. Both are not considered equal in Israel. The Rabid Racist Rabbi Ronski says so. My readers my remember a few months ago I made a post about this "Man of Satan." He's the racist asshat that gave the "religious" pamphlets to the IDF soldiers telling them to kill civilians for Israel. Now he targets Jewish women. Although I have mixed emotions on this as I am pro-women's rights, but at the same time I'm happy to have less murdering scum in the Israeli army. Anyway, the point being, Israel is a state where equality does not exist, even for Jewish women as was so blatantly evident when Israeli newspapers photo-shopped newly elected women out of the Israeli Cabinet photos.Now here's the latest bout of Misogyny:
Israel's military rabbi says army not for women: report

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel's chief military rabbi, Avichai Ronski, has said women should not serve in the armed forces, the Haaretz newspaper reported on Thursday.

"I personally think that ... women should not serve in the army," he said at a recent conference attended by dozens of religious women soldiers, according to Haaretz. link