03 July 2009

Terrorists Raid Al Aqsa Mosque

Militant Jewish Jihadists disguised as tourists, descended onto the Al Aqsa Mosque, invading holy areas and photographing them for unknown purposes. Members of the Mosque attempted to document this invasion but the terrorists physically obtained the camera and removed the memory card so as to have no record of the terrorists in action.
A group of Israeli intelligence forces disguised as tourists entered the Haram Ash-Sharif or sacred compound holding the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque Friday morning and walked into the mosque taking photos of several sites in the compound, the Al-Aqsa organization for Waqf and Heritage revealed.

The organization documented the invasion of the holy site on a video camera. When the disguised intelligence unit realized they were being filmed, the organization said, their police detained Waqf journalist Mahmoud Abu Ata for four hours.

Atta was investigated and his camera memory card confiscated before he was released. source