15 July 2009

Mass Murder Confirmed

IDF soldier says of Palestinians in Gaza:
"You feel like an infantile little kid with a magnifying glass looking at ants, burning them."
Reality breaks through into Israel's alternate universe and is once again ignored.

Members of the most "moral" army in the world recently published reports covering how they were encouraged to murder Palestinians for the Mother Land Israel. Although I have no clue why reporters, or anyone else for that matter, bother to even ask any Israeli official for a response as it's always the same. Right on que Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak replied (Can you guess the answer folks?) "Criticism directed at the IDF by one organization or another is inappropriate and is directed at the wrong place."

No fair Barak the Whack, He fooled us by adding this: "and is directed at the wrong place" to the "standard" retort, gosh darn it! Well, in fairness he has a partial point, he is right that it is not just Israel responsible, it is the United States for supplying Israel with weapons of mass destruction which it then used not for defense but rather to collectively punish an entire population. But the blame does not stop there, no it doesn't. The policy of "look the other way" adopted by the majority of influential countries like Britain, Canada, France, Germany and others that has existed for years towards Israel, they are culpable as well for the Gaza Holocaust. Report from "Breaking The Silence" below, more after article:
Israeli soldiers who served in the invasion of Gaza in January were instructed to “shoot first, ask later,” a policy that led to killings of innocents, according to testimonies released by the organization Breaking the Silence on Wednesday.

The Israeli organization published the interviews with some 30 soldiers in a booklet and on its website.

"Better hit an innocent than hesitate to target an enemy," is how one soldier explained the instructions given soldiers before the ground invasion that began in the second week of the three week offensive.

“The minute we got to our starting line, we simply began to fire at suspect places,” said another.

"In urban warfare, anyone is your enemy. No innocents."

Another soldier offered the following description on the briefings: “At briefings on places I entered, we were told that if we engage at close range, we should know that normally, at night the Arab is asleep in his bed and has no business outdoors at this time, so we should really be careful.”
(So Arabs are not into the "Night Life" what a racist statement. There are hundreds of legitimate reasons for an Arab to be outside after dark, how moronic. According to that "logic" if America was invaded and you ran out of milk after dark, then you dared to nip to your local 7-11 shop YOU ARE A TERRORIST. Suddenly the phrase "Got Milk" has a whole new meaning)MORE:
“We weren't told outright to shoot anything we saw moving but that was the implication,” the soldier testified, “I asked, ‘What if I see a girl outside?’ She has no business being outside. "So what do I do?" Check if she's armed – then shoot her.”
(Nah, no need to "check if she's armed" and here's proof)MORE:
Another soldier described carrying out the same policy, shooting an elderly woman for no other reason than that she was outside of her house in an area controlled by the army.

Some soldiers descriptions went even further, describing the dehumanization of the Palestinians: "You feel like an infantile little kid with a magnifying glass looking at ants, burning them."

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 1,500 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli onslaught, the vast majority of them civilians. Israel maintains that only 1,166 and only 295 dead were civilians. Israel however counted policemen as combatants although they are classified as noncombatants under international law.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded to the Breaking the Silence document on Wednesday saying, "Criticism directed at the IDF by one organization or another is inappropriate and is directed at the wrong place. The IDF is one of the most ethical armies in the world and acts in accordance with the highest moral code." source
What is contained in this report is bad enough, but here is much more: Israel's Policy To Kill Children HERE and HERE, then there is the INDOCTRINATION OF IDF SOLDIERS as well.