22 July 2009

Nazi Israel Bans Books

Israel takes lesson from Hitler.....again. Israel has surely learned a great many lessons from the Nazis'. Such as how to ethnically cleanse people they don't like, steal land, create a Theocracy based on a Racist Ideology and fire up their Cult Members to kill without remorse or humanity. And today we see another similarity, they are banning books. Nazi-=Zionist
Two days ago Mariam Kassis, a resident of the village of Mi'ilya - near Ma'alot in the north of the country - returned from a visit to Amman. When she sent her bags through the x-ray machine at the border crossing between Israel and Jordan, the Israeli customs inspectors spent time checking a dozen volumes that she bought for her father in the Jordanian capital, all from the series "Qawlun ala Qawl" ("Saying on a Saying"), written by Arab radio personality Hasan Karmi.

The series of books written by Karmi are in effect transcripts of selected conversations from an international radio program that he presented on the BBC Arabic service in the 1950s.

"People used to call this program from all over the world and the listeners conducted discussions with the moderator about literature, art, songs, folklore and anecdotes," Kassis explained yesterday, still upset by the incident at the border crossing. "My father has had the series of volumes for several years, so I read them and he read them and we enjoyed it. Before my trip to Jordan he asked me to buy a copy of the seriesas a gift for my brother, who is planning to visit here from the United States."

But then, said Kassis, "one of the border inspectors checked the books, passed them through the X-ray machine, flipped through the pages to see if I had smuggled anything - and handed them over for perusal to one of the customs officials. He doesn't know how to read Arabic, he doesn't speak Arabic and he didn't understand what kind of books I wanted to take home with me. He only decided that I couldn't bring them into Israel. When I asked him why, he replied that this was a type of 'trading with the enemy,' because the books were published in Beirut, and that Israeli law forbids it. I tried to explain to him with a smile what kind of books they were, but I'm an Arab woman - so he and his friends didn't believe me."

A customs official declared the books a "confiscated asset."

"I'm an attorney and I know when an asset is confiscated: Only when there's a criminal procedure and confiscating it is meant to ensure that a monetary debt is covered," she said. "All my pleas were in vain."

With tears in her eyes Kassis ended her trip to Jordan and returned embittered to her home village.

"I'm determined to get those books and I have no intention of giving in. I plan to fight to have the books returned to me. It's not because they cost me $100 and not because there's anything in them that I haven't read. It's a matter of principle," she said yesterday.source
It's a matter of "equality"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!