30 July 2009

Netanyahu Attempts Another Blackmail of US Official

Israel, after recently attempting to "blackmail" the US by linking any movement on a Palestinian Peace Process to allowing military actions on Iran, yesterday issued yet another "Blackmail" order to the US.

Net-and-Yahoo met with U.S. National Security Adviser James Jones in Jerusalem and informed Jones that the “Gaza blockade won’t end until Shalit (An Israeli POW) is released.”

Israel wants to be able to invade countries at will without consequences. Unfortunately for Israel, the law of averages says that eventually you will loose. The rate, number and amount of border fighting, incursions, invasions and raids at some point would see the capture of an Israeli soldier, it’s a war, do the math. Additionally Israel does not honour the Geneva Convention, or any other International legislation that could possibly cause problems for IDF actions that to the rest of the world would be seen as outrageous. As such, Israel looks particularly ridiculous crying foul because a soldier was captured in a war.

Shalit was a legitimate capture of an enemy combatant and fair game. He was captured during a war, and is a “Prisoner of War” (POW) This does not give Israel the right to continue it’s worldwide condemned illegal siege on the entire population of Gaza. Additionally, there is no peace process at this time; technically the two sides are at war. And until such time as the war has ended then Shalit will remain a POW, that’s how it works no matter if Israel likes it or not. POW’s are traditionally released when wars end, this war continues due to Israel’s refusal to commit to peace and stop building illegal settlements on Palestinian land, another act of war.

Let us not forget there are hundreds of Palestinian POWS as well, being held in deplorable conditions and many jailed without trail. Israel has recently committed acts of international Piracy, hijacked a boat, in international and Gazan waters, then kidnapped and jailed a former US congress woman and other international figures. Those international figures have personally witnessed the terrible treatment and conditions first hand. So long as Israel holds its Palestinian POWS, then Palestine has the same right to hold Shalit. This does not give Israel the right to continue to break international laws by collectively punishing an entire population due to a captured Israeli combatant who is now a legitimate POW. Story below:
Netanyahu told Jones that Israel would not fully open the Gaza border crossings until captive Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit was released.

Shalit was kidnapped by Gaza militants in a June 2006 cross-border raid. Hamas has demanded the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails in return for Shalit's freedom source
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