29 July 2009

Obama Says "Reward The Criminals"

Here's Obamas brilliant plan to pay off Israel to stop building settlements. Of course, this will be after they finish building all the big ones and move their Zionist land grabbers in. Even though the settlements are Illegal, Obama's answer is to reward the criminals instead of making them do the right thing. Using this same logic, perhaps Obama will be rewarding Bernie Madoff soon with a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" This is one of the inherent problems and mistakes in dealing with Israel. The "rewards" are never enough, each one is ferreted away and added to the heaping pile of past "rewards" and incentives. As such, they are never forced to adhere to the rules, never made to do the right thing and never held accountable to anyone including America. Instead, they are always given more "Prizes" to add to their collection. More after this:
US asks Arab nations to reach out to Israel

The White House has asked at least seven Arab countries to consider what they might do in return for an Israeli pledge to freeze construction of settlements in the West Bank.

George Mitchell Says:

“We have made good progress,” said Mr. Mitchell emerging from a two-hour meeting with the Israeli leader. The two are reportedly close to a compromise deal in which America would sanction the completion of settlement construction in its final phases in return for Israeli assurances it would freeze all other building for an as yet undetermined amount of time.
Notice the last 4 words? "undetermined amount of time" what this REALLY means is that America wants Arab states to actually reward Israel for freezing settlement activity for an "undetermined" amount of time. This could be three weeks, three months or three seconds. Not so Fast Obama, you are not the Messiah, the Arabs so far seem too smart for this fairytale:
Regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia will not recognise Israel until it withdraws from occupied Arab land and makes committed steps toward a lasting two-state solution, a senior official said on Wednesday.

Foreign ministry spokesman Osama Nugali also called Israeli policy "schizophrenic" and said it was jeopardising attempts to revive Middle East peace talks aimed at creating an independent Palestinian state.

"Our position is well known. It is Israel that has to move seriously towards the peace process," Nugali said.

"As we all know, Israel is continuing to take unilateral measures by changing the geographic and demographic facts on the ground, by building settlements and expanding the existing ones," he told AFP.link
Thank You Saudi Arabia, Now if only Egypt would wake up!