29 July 2009


Anyone needing proof that Israel plans on taking over the entire Middle East only needs to read this. Any country (Attention America) supporting these Zionist Lunatics should take note; as there will never be Middle East peace as long as these wingnuts are allowed to continually cause friction, aggression and acts of war like this with their peaceful neighbouring countries. When Israel wants something they are willing to use any ploy imaginable to justify the means. In an absolutely unbelievable and totally bizarre turn of events they are going after land in Jordan this time. A Zionist gang of thugs, calling themselves the Israel Land Fund are intent on stealing more land from Arabs in their never ending plot to take over the Middle East.

The lunatics claim that Jews owned land in Jordan during the British Mandate, and they now want it all back. Now, sane people will see the irony here. Heads up Jordan, you’re next on the “Holy Land Grab List” Note, that it is illegal for them to buy land in Jordan, but never mind, because the Zionists living around the world in other countries will help them out by cheating the system. More after this:
Jews to reclaim land in Jordan

The Israel Land Fund, a group dedicated to restoring Jewish property in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, is reportedly looking east. According to AFP, the organization plans to begin buying historically Jewish properties in Jordan as well.

Many Jews purchased land in what is now Jordan during the British Mandate, when such land was seen primarily as part of the greater land of Israel. In 1946 Jordan declared independence as an Arab, Muslim country. Two years later, the state of Israel declared independence and Jordan’s rulers confiscated Jewish-owned land in their own country for state use.

Israel Land Fund chairman Aryeh King told AFP that his organization has proof that thousands of properties in present-day Jordan were historically Jewish, adding, “We have records of the ownership.”

The plan is in its early stages, and no properties in Jordan have been bought to date. Purchasing would likely take place with the help of Jews in Europe, King said, as Israelis are prohibited from buying land in Jordan under Jordanian law.

The same Jordanian law is enforced by the Palestinian Authority, which views the sale of land to Jews or Israelis as a capital offence. The Land Fund manages to circumvent PA law by buying land through middlemen. In many cases, the group also helps Arab sellers to flee the country to avoid PA retribution.

Jewish properties bought or reclaimed by the Israel Land Fund in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria are guarded and used to build homes for Jewish activists. It was not clear what would be done with property reclaimed in Jordan.

AFP noted that if the plan were to succeed, it could cause anger in Jordan, where anti-Israel sentiment runs high despite a 1994 peace treaty.
So long as America and the world allows these people to cheat, steal and game the system it will never end and there will never be peace and America will continue to be the victim AIPAC spies, Jane Harman, Israeli Owned American Politicians, Bernie Made-Off, 25 Million dollar scam on American elderly and the New Jersey Rabbis laundering money for Israeli organisations and buying and selling American kidneys and other body parts for profit on the black market. They are now going after more Middle East land from Jordan. Israel is the sole reason there is NO Peace in the Middle East, they are nothing but maggots feeding on American money and support whilst they continue to eat up land belonging to others, this makes war, not peace. People need to wake up, stop enabling them, America is being made a fool of and you are allowing them to ruin your country for their own selfish interests and drag you into more wars.