16 July 2009

Off Topic BUT~Tony Blair's Wife Has Swine Flu

Yes, it's true, Swine Flu has come to the Former Prime Ministers doorstep.
Cherie Blair has been forced to cancel her engagements after catching swine flu.

News that the former prime minister's wife had become Britain's most high-profile victim of the virus came as figures emerged showing that the number of swine flu cases jumped by nearly 50 per cent in a week.

Mrs Blair started feeling unwell at the start of the week and received a diagnosis of swine flu on Tuesday

Data from a sample of GPs’ surgeries, seen by The Times, shows that up to 40,000 people complained to their doctor last week of "flu-like illness"
No love lost between the British public and the Blairs, as is self evident in the "well wishers" comments left after the article LOL:

Gwilym Rhys-Jones wrote:
Where can I best hold a candle light vigil?
July 16, 2009 14:40 BST

Cyber Man wrote:
This would never have happened under the Tories.
July 16, 2009 14:39 BST

Paul Hartley wrote:
Snouts in trough, swine flu... ironic.