16 July 2009

YOU TUBE~ Under Zionist Control

Oh My, what’s Up with You Tube? Got a You Tube account? Are you Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Zionist? Well you may be on the “Hit List” because You Tube is allowing the ADL to create its policy for removal of videos it “perceives” as spreading hate, one type of hate. The translation= Only Videos that are anti-Israel. And, we all know what that means don’t we folks. No criticism of the Evil Rogue State, no videos showing their massive destruction, or the innocent victims they murder, or the white phosphorous they used illegally, no self expression against the Zionist Rogue State. Nope, only happy Hasbara, coming soon, to a you tube channel near you. Check this out:

Let’s play a little game. Let’s pretend you found a vile video that is very insulting to people of the Muslim faith. Let’s say you then decided to do as the Zio-Jihadists do and report this video under the terms and conditions of you tube as being hateful against a religious group. Ok, go to you tube here ,then scroll down to the bottom and click on where it says, “Safety Center” here, then select the radio button that says “hateful content” and click “enter” SURPRISE, it’s the ADL telling you how to remove videos and content that is “anti-Semitic” This begs the question, why is ONLY a “Zionist Jewish” group represented, why are the NAACP not included, what about African Americans? They constitute a far greater number of Americans than the 2% of Jews who make up the population. Yet, there is no group affiliated with You Tube for them to report racist content, no group representing the Muslims either. As if You Tube gives a shit about hateful content against Muslims for example like this lovely account here note the name. Here’s the answer:
The Anti-Defamation League announced Sunday its recent expansion into the world of YouTube

The US-based advocacy group has officially partnered with the digital media powerhouse in an effort to combat hate speech and other forms of abuse.

As the largest Web-video hub, YouTube relies primarily on its users to hunt down and delete inappropriate content, or to ban abusive members. While the extent of the ADL's role in that process is not yet known, the organization has already made a place for itself in YouTube's new "Abuse and Safety Center," where users are given advice directly from the ADL on how to confront hate speech.
KISS FREE SPEECH GOODBYE FOLKS, but there's more. check out some of what they are complaining about for a real shock:
The present system has had mixed results. In just a short search through the site, The Jerusalem Post found a number of anti-Semitic videos, including the suggestion that kashrut laws were a "Jew excise tax," and claims that a Jewish conspiracy led by former US deputy secretary of state Paul Wolfowitz orchestrated the invasion of Iraq.
Imagine someone having the Chutzpah to say something "not nice" about Paul Wulfowitz!! GASP!! Oh the shame and horror of it all! They now effectively control You Tube and they STILL effing complain about a political theory regarding Paul Wolfowitz, the poster child for War. They won’t be happy until every single video critical of the Zionist Rogue State or Zionist Jews are removed. Seriously America, get control of your country, extricate your country and government from this foreign power’s control. They are ruining you.


caracal said...

Yes I had experience of this. When Ahmedinejad gave his speech a couple of months back, and a bunch of EU "diplomats" walked out, I sent in strongly worded (but reasonable and not abusive)comment about the walkout being a pre-planned event and the diplomats concerned being whores of zionism.

It remained about an hour and was then removed. However, far more abusive and foulmouthed comments by supposed "Muslims" were not, neither were the comments of pro-Israeli megaphonies. Intrigued, I reposted, variations several times and again, after an hour or two, my comment disappeared, however the loony and abusive comments remained. I then checked the posted comments which say Spam (you can view the comments) and found that several reasonable and intelligent arguments apparently by Muslims and other so-called "anti-semites" had been removed, leading to the conclusion that they only wanted the extreme ones that made Arabs/Muslims look like wild eyed "terrorists" to appear. I then sent in a comment questioning my observation. I received a nice little note back saying "you have already posted several comments. If you wish to continue, you must decipher the code below" followed by one of those garbled codes. I tried several times, and got another message saying that "if I "could not read", I should click on..... something else.....and so the game went on. Anyway, my Youtube account was then disabled, and I had to create a new one. Since then my email account has also been fucked with, so any messages with certain key words are automatically sent to the "spam" folder, and my computer crashes everytime I try to send an attachment............conclusion - they did not want reasoned argument or discussion, they wanted lunatic messages to manipulate opinion and incite hatred against Iran, against Muslims and Arabs in general.

P.S. If you have a Yahoo account, check out your "spam" box from time to time. You may be surprised.

Anonymous said...

boycott you tube you know they suckass just like isreal

Anonymous said...

Is there another site you recommend? If not we'll keep using Yt to teach others.

Anonymous said...

You cannot possibly understand the strength of Jewish organized crime in America, which is in no way separate from Zionism. Since they are in control of media you see few movies about it. The Jews have taught us to hate Muslims through the media, while they use us as animals and hoard their wealth. And Jewish doctors...you don't want to know the horror stories. Try to stand up to them and they hurt you. This I know.
Thank you for your attempts.

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