01 July 2009

Oh Look~Israel Pretends Justice

What do Iran's Government and Israel's Government have in common? Plenty, when it comes to how they treat protesters.

Here's a little thought for you. Notice how the world was so outraged at the Iranian governments response to protesters? Germany, Britain, America, France, Canada, all outraged. Compare that to the world reaction Israel gets when it does the very same thing to protesters, including American protesters like Rachel Corrie and Tristan Anderson.
Israel's highest court has ordered stronger charges against two military personnel over the shooting of a bound Palestinian in the West Bank last year.

The sergeant and his commanding officer were originally charged with improper conduct, which would have carried a maximum penalty of one year in prison.

The court called for charges reflecting the gravity of the offence, which was filmed by human rights activists.
(Translation: Oh Crap, we were caught red handed by the camera. "Oh Shite, we now have to punish them, or at the very least, pretend to punish them)
The victim was not seriously injured by the rubber-coated steel bullet.
(So, what about Tristan Anderson and Rachel Corrie then? What punishment will you mete out for her murder and his attempted murder which was also filmed?)
The video footage showed the soldier, acting on orders from his commander standing next to him, shooting Ashraf Abu Rahma in the foot at point-blank range.
(This only goes to show that it is a "Policy" of the ZOF to torture and kill Palestinians and even Americans like Rachel Corrie and Tristan Anderson for protesting. And people think Iran is insane? Pot Kettle Black)
The Supreme Court ordered the military to issue a new indictment with more severe charges that would "accurately reflect the circumstances and the actions taken".

"It is a cruel act that deserves a punishment which reflects this," the judges said in a statement.

"The moral gap between the nature of the act described in the indictment and the manner of evaluation in the indictment - as the offence of 'improper conduct' - is so deep that it cannot stand," they wrote.

The sergeant and his colonel had said they intended only to frighten Mr Abu Rahma, who had been protesting against construction of Israel's separation barrier near the West Bank village of Nilin.

Palestinians and human rights organisations have long complained about harsh treatment of civilians by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank, and light sentences handed down to abusive soldiers. source
My bet is that he will get a slap on the wrist publicly, then magically disappear like Bernie Madoff's money.