01 July 2009

Israel To Blackmail Obama

Oh how funny those silly little Zionists are. They want to "offer" a "limited freeze" of their illegal settlements. And for this they expect to get everything.

That's like a criminal saying "I'll stop stealing your pocket money right now, as I hold this gun to your head, but you gotta give me your house, cars, wife and bank accounts in exchange" Tut Tut Israel, you've been talking too many lessons from Bernie Madoff, you want to give nothing and get everything. Well, this is typical now that I think about it.
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Wednesday Israel would consider a limited moratorium on new construction in Jewish settlements, linking the step to U.S. efforts to bring Arab states into a broad peace process.
The offer, which Barak made in a Fox News interview, fell short of Washington's call for a total halt to building in settlements in the occupied West Bank, a demand that has opened the most serious rift U.S.-Israeli relations in a decade. more bullshit here