13 July 2009

UK Cancels "Some" Weapons to Israel

In a "pathetic" attempt to pacify the British public, David Milliband has decided to cancel "some" weapons deals to Israel. Shall I define the word "some?" Well, it means 5 out of 182 arms deals. A mere gesture, nothing more.
After Gaza war, UK cuts some arms sales to Israel

Britain has cancelled the planned sale of some military components to Israel following an export review prompted by the December-January war in the Gaza Strip, an Israeli official said on Monday.

London cancelled five out of 182 licensed British arms exports to Israel, the official said, all involving equipment for the Saar 4.5 class Corvette, a naval vessel that took part in the offensive which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians.

British Foreign Minister David Milliband announced the review in April after some legislators pressed for an arms embargo on both Israel and the Hamas Islamists ruling Gaza. source