23 July 2009


So, how do you like your handcuffs then? Soft and fuzzy or traditional steel?

Good morning fellow Criminals! Yes, that’s right, we are all criminals now claims Israel. Prepare to be prosecuted, hunted down like dogs and silenced. This is all due to the recent and no doubt Zionist arm twisting poxy ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that states: “Boycotting Israel is Illegal” There’s much more after this snippet below
European court: Israel boycotts are unlawful discrimination

On Thursday, the Council of Europe's European Court of Human Rights upheld a French ruling that it was illegal and discriminatory to boycott Israeli goods, and that making it illegal to call for a boycott of Israeli goods did not constitute a violation of one's freedom of expression.

The Council of Europe is based in Strasbourg, has some 47 member states and is independent of the European Union. The court is made up of one judge from each member state, and the rulings of the court carry moral weight throughout Europe.
"It is now clear that in every country in Europe there is a precedent for calling boycotts of Israeli goods a violation of the law,”
We Are Criminals, Pick Your Handcuffs NOW. So after getting past the insanity of this poxy ruling, which, in essence is a ruling that attempts to tell people they “must” support a racist Apartheid rogue state no less, I am left with several questions. If Israel makes the case that “boycotts” are discriminatory, then “Why Oh Why” did the Simon Wiesenthal Center have no problems calling for a boycott of France? Along with the American Jewish Congress, better get some handcuffs for them as well no? Pot-Kettle-Black scenario, see here:

Ooooh and looky here, the Zionist supporting mouth piece for Israel “Faux News” also calls for a boycott of France as well:
Renewed call to boycott France
By Bill O'Reilly

When are we Americans going to wise up? How many times does the French government, led by Jacques Chirac. Have to put all of us in danger before we get the picture? So I am again calling for all responsible people not to buy French products, not to travel to France, and to contact the French embassy in Washington, and let them know Chirac's conduct is unacceptable. And so, the boycott of France is on. Bumper stickers are available on www.billoreilly.com. Get a bunch of them. Spread the word
YES, SPREAD THE WORD, arrest O'Reilly NOW and all his fellow Israeli supporting cohorts. There's more.....

And Fox News also calls for boycott of Spain here and video HERE of O'Reilly and his Zionist Pal Dennis Miller. Ah, but THOSE boycotts are "A-Ok" they're not against the Apartheid state of Israel.

What about America?? Yup, there’s a Boycott America Campaign, several of them:


and another here, here, here, and here.

And bringing up the rear we also have THESE Countries:

Boycott Canada and Boycott Italy and Boycott China and Boycott Iran and here and Boycott Libya and Boycott Africa and Boycott Russia

And of course there is South Africa boycott which the UN even endorsed See here:
United Nations
In 1980, the United Nations passed a resolution urging "all academic and cultural institutions to terminate all links with South Africa".
So there appears to be no problem boycotting non-Jewish racists obviously, but Israeli Zionist Racists are not only exempt from War Crimes investigations, UN Resolutions, now they are exempt from being boycotted by rational decent people the world over.

So the little Racist Apartheid Zionists are celebrating today, wringing their hands, giggling and plotting which site and organization they want to go after first on their “Happy Hit List.” Oh, and let’s not forget about all the Universities either, all those Professors will be forced to be nice to Israel now, and grace them with their presence (Don’t forget to bow to “God’s Chosen” when you are ordered to come) But, not so fast all you delusional happy Zio-Nazis, there are a few tiny problems.

It is 100% Obvious that this boycott of Israel is having a huge effect; otherwise the Zio-Nazi’s would not be expending so much energy into fighting it. So, fear not good people, they “may” be able to get a poxy ruling, but what they cannot get and control is our “free will” Last time I checked we still owned our own minds. So, people should continue this boycott, DON’T buy anything with bar code that begins with 729, and check the labels on everything. Avoid any and everything “Israeli” including books, movies, and all other goods and companies. They cannot MAKE us buy from them, and they cannot MAKE us support their evil rogue statelet. So, each time you shop send them a little message. Tell them they don’t own you and they cannot have YOUR Money!


owl of minerva said...

is that true irish man? i read your blog almost first thing in the morning and are sick in my stomach reading this.

irish4palestine said...

Hi Owl, sadly it is a true ruling, sorry to ruin your breakfast:)

owl of minerva said...

i want a pink fuzzy one. preferable with a tiny palestinian flag attached to it.

Barbara L said...

I have two things to say... well three.

1) Who began to break Germany down so that WW2 became reality.. USING a call for an international strike when Judea declared war on Germany?

Gosh. One hint, it was NOT Thailand.

2) We have been silenced so much by these assholes... ooops.. pimples on the defecation rings of Lucifer that all we have left is to vote with our wallets.

3) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If there is one thing that is true, the Rothschilds and their ilk are driven by major all consuming lust for gold. They want it ALL, everything there is, including our souls. This is empowering to the little folk who can have their say just by purchasing hair products from a local company than Israel. And in doing so, sticking it to them. There is not ONE way they can know for sure what one thinks when one purchases an item.

"I buy it because it is more environmentally friendly"

"I am allergic to Israeli dates pilfered by the settlers from Palestinian farmers. Makes me break out in a rash unless they are grown and politically sound dates."

"No thank you. Sarah Lee cakes are not healthy for me. I would rather bake my own/buy locally."

How the BLEEP can they tell? All we need know is that they are writhing a little bit. Very very satisfying to know they have made us all criminals.

Laughs. Now, ask me if I care!!

irish4palestine said...


"i want a pink fuzzy one. preferable with a tiny palestinian flag attached to it."

and hopefully a Key as well!!!


irish4palestine said...


We is outlaws ;o)

owl of minerva said...

good point. Although israelis dont seem to respect keys too much so far...

Leon said...

Just remember one small idy bity thing who ever blesses Israel I, God Almighty said 3500 years ago, will bless and who curses Israel I, God will curse. This cannot be taken lightly. Think about that before you jump over that cliff you are standing on.Just thought that I had best point that matter out. Thank you. Leon Carey

irish4palestine said...

Hey "Leon"

We're not on the cliff, Israel is, haven't you noticed how the world has had enough of the Evil Rogue Apartheid statelet?

Perhaps God has seen this as well.

So just to be clear:


irish4palestine said...


I meant a key to get out of the handcuffs LOLOL :):)

Sheilanagig said...

Another good reason to vote NO on Lisbon - and a huge blow in my eyes for the ECHR. I guess we are all fodder for liberal trade agreements now.

owl of minerva said...

i was trying to be smart and trying to make a reference to both the handcuff keys and palestinian house keys... it didnt came out as nicely as i had planned!
Is that other guy actually threatening with the wrath of God? Or am i interpreting things wrongly here? I mean you do get a little suspicious dealing with this material after a while, but this does sound very much as if this guy is saying God is going to send a few plagues our way. Like crickets. Very medieval. I thought a little bit about it after reading it, and i was thinking, if there actually is a God and he knows what the israelis are doing to his so-called biblical land that he so-called gave them (i never understood the concept of a God singling out certain people but that is just me) he must be turning around in his grave. Anyway keep going irish man. You are on the right side of history. It's few people who can say that.

PlanetMichelle said...

According to Islam, if one sends a curse to another that God doesn't agree with, the curse falls back onto the sender. So curses are not to be taken lightly and they are indeed powerful! CURSE BE ON ISRAEL. Foreign occupiers! Israel was kaput in God's Book long ago!
I'll see folks like Leon back in yellow arm patches before I am in cuffs for their sake!

Anonymous said...

Hey Leon,

"Israel" in that passage refers to God's People, meaning those who accept His authority and follow His comprehensive moral law, in total contrast to those who follow the devil, i.e. are wicked and depraved.

Do you actually believe for a second that the WALKING SATANS passing themselves off as "Jews" today are the metaphoric "Israel" of scripture??

Because I'll tell ya, if you have so many wires crossed in your brain that you can actually believe this, you are LOST and your soul is forfeit. You might as well just start sucking them off even more brazenly than you already are, cuz you gonna be FRYIN alongside them anyway.

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