09 July 2009

While You Were Sleeping Reality Changed

What version of reality do people cling to? Welcome to "Bizarro World" Israeli Style. I'm sure I speak for many like myself who have become more and more outraged over the sheer and utter audacity of the Rogue State of Israel. If normal thinking people just step back for a moment and look at the uber massive array of, what's the word I'm looking for......Oh yeah, control, which Israel manages to exert throughout the world, it is staggering.

Why is it that a tiny patch of stolen desert, where a state has been "created" that never existed before, made for only "one" group of people, of "one" religion only and actually founded on that premise, which is a racist premise in and of itself, but that fact is ignored. This "created place" is then allowed to use some terrible thing that once happened to its inhabitants long ago, to act with impunity against all others, under the ever special, ever repeated, always counted on rally cry to the masses of "Never Again."

I mean, using that scenario, what about having a "Catholic" only country. We Irish had our own holocaust; in fact we have had several of them where our population was halved. But we have not created a country where only "catholics" can live and have full rights. We dont attempt to get all Catholics to move here so we can use that as an excuse to expand into surrounding countries. And best of all, we don't get anything "special" We can't go round flagrantly violating UN resolutions and attacking and invading other countries we don't like. But Israel can and does, with American support and much of the world leaders’ support as well.

Intelligent and modern people realise that living in a diverse population allows human beings to learn and grow. What about America for instance. The civil war was fought to free slaves (among other things) but imagine had it gone the other way. Would that be tolerated by the world today? Imagine if America took a page from Israel and did not allow Black people to live in America or have full and equal rights? Sound crazy? Yup, but it's the founding principle of Israel and the world somehow accepts this racist premise. And that is Israel's inherent problem and will ultimately be its downfall. This is a modern world; Israel is still in the racist Dark Age. But, that is exactly what it wants, to keep it's captives in fear of others so as to keep control of the inmates. And inmates they are, Israel is the largest prison on the planet. Surviving behind walls, barricades, controlling borders and crossing, building fences, amassing armies, spending America's billions on keeping people out, or so they think. In reality, they are keeping people in, locked in an Israeli Bizarro Prison world, living in constant fear of the outside world. In reality, Israel is just one big massive "Religious Cult" with it's own country

How did they create this alternate reality? The answer is years of smart investing by Israel. Years of working their people up into high ranking positions within various countries, into politics, into judicial systems, into the world's media and social networks, creating thousands of worldwide groups who's sole purpose in life is to expand and extend that control and infiltration. It's like a massive invasion has taken place, whilst everyone is sleeping and too busy dealing with their own little lives to notice.

There are far too many insane things to cover in such a post, but let's just take this article I just found online today. It talks about Israel "allowing" the border between Jordan and Palestine to be opened for longer hours. Now, here's where the alternate version of reality enters and you begin to question your own sanity. So I'll repeat it, now pay special attention to the words in capital letters, there lays the clue "ISRAEL..........Will..........ALLOW.......the BORDER between.........JORDAN and PALESTINE...to remain open" So, the first thing that is blaringly obvious is that Israel is ALLOWED to control the border of TWO other countries that are actually CONNECTED. OH, but let's not forget they also do that between EGYPT and PALESTINE as well.

So for those that have bought the hook, line and sinker,myth that:HAMAS=BAD and ISRAEL=GOOD That still does not explain away the fact that Israel is controlling JORDAN and EGYPTIAN borders through threat, American backing and coercion to enact an illegal siege. Which, a siege is an act of war. Yet, when the country, in this case Palestine, under the illegal siege makes any attempt to either defend itself, or break that illegal siege, using the very primitive weapons they can get their hands on, such as home made rockets or even suicide bombings (They don't have conventional weapons from the USA to fight with) so when they DO fight back or resist, THEY are the Terrorists, and NOT the actual occupying country with the 4th largest army in the world, complete with nukes. Go figure the absurdity of that one.........

Israel and its enablers have been allowed to re-write reality, into some "bizarro" world where the invader and attacker of another country, somehow becomes the underdog hero. So, message to the world. Be careful what happens when you sleep, you just may wake up to a new world order, Israeli style.