10 July 2009

Some Americans Are Waking Up

I found this article about Al Franken and the number of Jews in the American Republican Party, but that’s not the REAL story. The real story was missed, except for one sharp unknown person who made a comment.

I spend a lot of time on this blog bashing America due to the blind support of Israel and the utter lack of assistance to suffering Palestinians who were collectively punished for whom they voted for in a democratic election. How Ironic! However, today I’m going to pay a compliment, not to the American government, but to an unknown person who commented on the story below from Forward.

You see, not everyone can be fooled, not everyone is happy with AIPAC and the ADL and Zionists controlling so much of the American Government and its foreign policy and its politicians. So when I found this article I was actually going to write my own comments about this article from Forward, but this unknown poster took the words right outta my mouth. So, since I cannot improve upon perfection, I’ll let this American poster do the talking. Article below followed by the comment:
With Al Franken Victory, No Republican Jews in the Senate By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

One little-noticed effect of Al Franken's official installation in the Senate: Republicans now lack a Jewish senator for the first time in more than 50 years. Norm Coleman, whom Franken defeated, is Jewish, as is Sen. Arlen Specter, who recently left the GOP to run for re-election as a Democrat.

The sole Jewish Republican in Congress is now House Minority Whip Eric Cantor.
With Franken's arrival and Specter's switch, the Democrats now have 13 Jewish senators and 31 Jewish House members.

What's so remarkable about the falloff of Republican Jews in Congress is that it coincides with the decade-long trend of Republicans making support for Israel a central issue for their party. That's been fueled largely by the growing numbers of conservative evangelicals who are identifying as Christian Zionists.

Could it be that Christian Zionism, seen largely as a Christian-right phenomenon, is scaring off more Jews—who tend to be very wary of religious conservatives—than it's drawing in? Or are these overlapping trends a mere coincidence?
Now, here's the person who was not fooled one little bit:
Whats the quota?

A group makes up 2% of the population and it is a problem that they dont have a Republican senator?

Why does it matter that no jews have Republican Senate seats? Hmm, 2% of the populace is represented by 13% of the total senate and over 20% of the senate seats in one of two major parties, and somehow there should be more?

As I think of this, what is the percentage of jewish advisors and cabinet members? Well over 2% I'd wager.

I would say they are already represented far beyond their portion of the population, complaint denied.

The numbers here are very interesting indeed, and explain a few things
See? Americans are waking up now.........