10 August 2009

Hamas, Mossad and Israel's Peace

Middle East Online, has an excellent piece today written by James M. Wall. A really good analysis of Israel's failed murder attempt on Khalid Mishal, a must read.
Bibi Told Mossad, 'Kill Khalid'; now Khalid Mishal is Key to Israel’s Future

On Thursday, September 25, 1997, on a sidewalk in Amman, Jordan, a team of Israeli assassins tried, but failed, to kill Hamas political bureau director, Khalid Mishal.

The attack on Khalid Mishal was an Israeli failure of monumental proportions. The story not only exposes Israel’s failure at attempted murder; but it also reveals the diplomatic morass into which the failed assassination plunged all the major players, notes James M. Wall.

Twelve years after he survived Bibi Netanhayu’s attempt to assassinate him, Khalid Mishal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, holds meetings with Jimmy Carter, and gives interviews to the Wall Street Journal.

The chief of Palestinian militant group Hamas said his organization is prepared to cooperate with the US in promoting a peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict if the White House can secure an Israeli settlement freeze and a lifting of the economic and military blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas is part of the fabric of Palestinian politics, and neither force nor diplomatic isolation will make it go away. Its history is one of tenacity in the face of enormous odds: it has been nourished by the efforts to destroy it. No one is in a better position to appreciate this than Israel’s new prime minister who, once again, finds himself facing the martyr who would not die.

Khalid Mishal is also key to a peaceful Israeli future, if only Netanyahu would pay attention to what he is saying.read it all HERE