10 August 2009

You Can't Fool Iran

They get the picture, just like the rest of "informed" people in the world.
Iranian paper blames Israel for unrest

Conservative daily linked to Khamenei says UK, US, and Israel cooperated to instigate post-election riots

An Iranian newspaper published a report Sunday accusing Britain, the US, and Israel of instigating the deadly riots that gripped the country after its controversial elections
Before people go off, I'm not opposed to change in Iran, I am not a supporter of Ahmadinejad, but, I AM a supporter of Iran making it's own change on it's own time frame without US, Israel and England interfering using the Internet, progressive bloggers and CIA groups. You can read what I wrote in June about this very thing HERE and HERE. Because the US has a new strategy for overthrowing countries without using Armies and bombs, but rather using the Internet, bloggers and infiltrating into political groups. It's a much "cleaner" way, but it's still America screwing other countries and not letting them progress at their own rate, and definitely not respecting the democratic mandate of elections, just like in Palestine, they don't recognise HAMAS who ere duly elected with a majority of the votes, even in the West Bank. Ditto in Iran. This kind of fiddling never works out and always causes the country to close ranks when it knows outside forces are at work. If this continues, it will end in tears, with an attack on Iran likely, using the elections as part and parcel of the justification. Like it or not you have to deal with the outcome of elections, otherwise don't pretend to support democracy.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, in reality there's no actual evidence of fraud in the last elections. IranAffairs.com has compiled the list of fraud claims, and matching counter-claims. The fraud claims look flimsy at best.

For example, the statistical study by Prof. Mebane at the Univ of Michigan which concluded there was fraud, relied on Benford's Law -- which as IranAffairs.com points out, according to the Carter Center, is not a valid indicator of electoral fraud.

See IranAffairs.com for the full deal.

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