17 August 2009

Israeli Army in Illegal Arms Trade Deals

I'm still laughing at this one. IDF soldier steals the credit card details of Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi and then gives the numbers to an Arab man who had a spending spree ROFL. The IDF soldier then went on to steal weapons and sell them on the black market, again ROFL. Maybe this soldier has had enough of being used by Israel to ethnically cleanse Palestinians...
The Israeli military police have discovered that the IDF chief-of-staff's credit card data has been used in illegal arms dealings.

An Israeli military court revealed Sunday that the senior IDF officer, whose credit card details and decorative pistol were apparently stolen from a Tel Aviv military base last week, was Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi.

The Israeli military claims that a soldier, who stole the confidential information from Ashkenazi's credit card, revealed it to an Arab civilian, who, in turn, charged NIS 2,000 (about $530.00) to the card.

The soldier, a security guard at the Kirya military base, was apprehended last week, after it was discovered that he had stolen two M-16 rifles and sold them to an arms dealer.

Nevertheless, Ashkenazi's office failed to report the theft of his pistol to the police.

The Israeli military says the soldier had succeeded in gaining access to Ashkenazi's office, from which he stole the top general's credit card number as well as the decorative gun that Ashkenazi had received as a gift.

The soldier, however, has said during the questioning that the chief of staff's credit card details were taken from him by force, and that he was not the only soldier based at that base who knew the credit card information link
I hope the Arab got some nice things and remembered to thank the IDF solider for the credit card details LOL