17 August 2009


Israel has grown tired of target practice with Palestinians, and have now moved on to shooting Egyptians. Yet more proof that the IDF are allowed and encouraged to shoot people without confirming who they are:
Israeli soldiers shoot Egyptian policeman

JERUSALEM — Israeli soldiers mistakenly shot and wounded an Egyptian policeman Monday along the border between the two countries, the Israeli military said.

A routine patrol identified an armed figure at the border before dawn, and when the Israeli troops challenged the man he cocked his weapon, prompting the soldiers to open fire, the army said.

The soldiers realized it was an Egyptian policeman only after the shooting, the army said.

In Cairo, an Egyptian security official said the policeman had been hospitalized with a bullet wound in the chest. The official said the bullet came from the Israeli side of the border but that he did not know who had opened fire.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release details of the incident to the media.

The Israeli military said a joint Israeli-Egyptian team would investigating the shooting.

The incident occurred near the Israeli port city of Eilat, in a border region that has been largely peaceful since Israel and Egypt signed a peace deal in 1979. SOURCE