19 August 2009

Israeli Army Trains on Al Aqsa Mosque Walls

Are the Zionists planning a future assault on Al Aqsa Mosque?

The Gazan Government is reporting today that the IDF are training to scale the walls of Al Aqsa. The report comes to the Government from witnesses at the Mosque and also from the Al Aqsa institution for Heritage organisation. The IDF trained for about an hour, using ladders to scale the walls from the South West side of the Mosque in the Al Maghreba district.
"Al Aqsa institution for Heritage" warned in an urgent statement that Zionist special forces perform a training to climb the walls of the Holy Al Aqsa masjid.

It said: "The training is a clear indication of the Zionist plans against the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque.

A witness told "Al Aqsa institution for Heritage" that by the evening of the day, they were surprised that about 20 of the Zionist special forces are setting up ladders on the walls of the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the outside, more specifically, on the wall of the women mosque, one of the walls from the South West of Al-Aqsa.

They were conducting training for climbing on the wall from the outside, up and down from Al Maghreba district, and the training continued for about an hour ago. source