11 August 2009

It's Official~Jerusalem is NOT In Israel

More good news today. Prepare for the wailing and gnashing of Zionist teeth,Whoa is me, this will send them into a raging tantrum for sure. The US State Department does not list US citizens born in Jerusalem as having been born in Israel. Not to take this laying down, of course the Zionists began a legal challenge, as they do, with everything, but Hey Ho, the D.C. Court of Appeals said, sorry, you loose:
U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem have birth certificates which note the city of birth, not the country. A law was passed requiring the State Dept. to list the country, Israel. However, the State Dept. will not do so. U.S. citizens sued for a correction. The D.C. Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit as an infringement on executive branch conduct of foreign policy, calling the matter political.

You can revel in the whinging and crying and victimizationhere


Greg Bacon said...

I read 'Abe' Shulman's pity party description of the court's decision and it made me retch.

He accused the government, but especially the State Dept of being 'anti-Semitic.'

And that this was going to lead to hordes of murderous Ayyrabbs sneaking across the Apartheid Wall and killing Jews.

I don't know if he's delusional, nuts or just your average Israeli Jew/American traitor.

politicaltheatrics said...

I firmly believe that Zionists,especially those living in the West,suffer from delusional fits of paranoia.
Every single human being,regardless if they are a Jew,Arab etc or not,is being accused of Anti-Semitism.
Or,they are called a "turncoat" or "selfhater".

I'm up to here w/ this garbage.

Standing up for humanity,if declared an act of Anti-Semitism,will still always be my #1 priority

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