14 August 2009

South Africa To Punish Israel?

Human rights groups around the world have been attempting to bring war crimes charges against Israel. Using Lawfare and International laws, there have so far been many suits filed, but Israel's powerful lobbyists and control over foreign governments have so far succeeded in having charges dismissed. The case in Spain looked good, then Israel worked its magic at top levels of the government and soon the poor Judge was forced to drop the case. Additionally the American AIPAC spy case fell the same way, with all involved going free and a strong message sent to Israel that it is "OK" to spy on America. Well, perhaps South Africa will withstand the Zionists reach and ultimately be the one who stands up to the war criminals. A state known to have suffered apartheid akin to the Palestinians, they now are free to govern themselves and forge their own future. Should South Africa succeed, how prophetic would that be, given it's history..........
South Africa crack fighting unit, the National Prosecuting Authority, has been urged to prosecute people suspected of war crimes in Gaza. The call was made by the Palestinian Solidarity Alliance (PSA) and the Media Review Network (MRN).

The two organizations handed the NPA a file of about 3500 pages, which they said indicated prima facie evidence that “South African citizens and/or residents are implicated in the commissions of these crimes”.

The organizations brought their application under a South African law, which gives effect to the Rome Statute.

It makes the prosecution of war crimes and crimes against humanity a legal obligation. It covers South Africans and anyone who sets foot in SA alleged to have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.

The evidence includes a recent report by the Human Science Research Council which found Israel’s policies in occupied Palestinian territory to “fit the definition of apartheid” in international law. Apartheid has been deemed a crime against humanity.


Greg Bacon said...

Let's see, how do all those cases against Israel get dropped?

Hmm, coold it be that money that MADOFF from Wall Street into Israel was then laundered back into the pockets of corruptible judges and DA's?

irish4palestine said...


yeah, 64 billion can buy alot!!
I find it quite stunning that America is "unable" to trace any of that money Hmmmmmm.........

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