13 August 2009

TORTURE AND ABUSE~Israel Has Slaves in Jordan

"We will cut off your reproductive organs"

Guantánamo Bay has nothing on Israel, they have their own version. An Israeli sweatshop in Jordan where they beat, torture, rape and enslave foreign workers. All so that Israeli Women can prance around like peacocks to make a fashion statement.'Made in Israel' Really Made in Jordan Sweatshop New report reveals Israeli-run clothing factory in Jordan. The factory produces clothes for Israeli fashion chains

When they arrived at the factory their employers confiscated their passports to stop them running away. Ten crowd into a small room, sleeping on bunks full of bed bugs, with no showers. Water is available only a couple of hours each night. There's no heating, even in the freezing winter, and after breakfast—pita bread with tea—they have to work 13-hour days. Holidays aren’t part of the schedule.

Such is the description of the Musa Garments factory, operated in Jordan by Israelis, given in the U.S.-based NGO National Labor Committee’s (NLC) recent report. The factory produces clothes for Israeli fashion chains.

The employees, mostly foreign workers from Bangladesh and India, sew "Made in Israel" tags on at the end.

After a thorough investigation in Jordan in 2005-2006, the NLC found workers in slave-like conditions, and documented cases of beatings and rape

Threats and Intimidation

The workers in Musa factory asked for their passports to be returned, or to at least get a photocopy, but it didn't help. Similarly, when the men asked for a bubbler [a drinking fountain] to be installed on the factory floor, a supervisor told them that if they kept talking like that he would cut off their reproductive organs.

Until December 2008, they worked 12.5 to 13.5 hours a day, seven days a week, and were not paid the overtime premium legally due. After the recession they were required to speed up production. Sewers who had a target of 30 pieces an hour now had to do 40. When one worker said the production goal was unrealistic, a supervisor slapped her.

After striking, some workers were arrested and deported. Now supervisors also make threats of imprisonment.source


andie531 said...

Operated in Jordan by Israelis? And Jordan doesn't kick these mongrels out? Shows you who's running things.

politicaltheatrics said...

I only wonder how many Americans are proud of their nation for supporting this sickening work environment

irish4palestine said...

seriously,thisi s disgusting on so many levels. Andi531 has a good point, What's up with jordan, the should raid the place, after all it's on Jordanian soil, unless Israel is claiming Jordan as its own these days!

andora said...

Israelis have also set up sweat shops in Iraq -- Israel runs the prisons, the rape and torture, the looting and killing and generally everything. (Saudi Royals work for Israel/British Empire, they always have.)

seansmom said...

Israel and Jordan are partners! Jordan sold out a long time ago!
They have Victoria Secret in there and all kinds of fun sweat shops. Israel give them the machines and Jordan sets it up and runs these places. Arabs are not real cool with these poor foreign workers that come in. In all the Arab states. A little behind with the human rights and equality stuff. I like to blame Israel for everything but Arabs do have their short comings.

irish4palestine said...

Sweatshops should be outlawed everywhere. Sick to death of all this "fashion" rubbish. Look at the clothes that get thrown out each year. I have always dressed in my own way and have never allowed culture to dictate what's in my closet, just so they can make money.

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