13 August 2009

Israel "Looses" Soldier

Now, where did we put that Soldier, he was right here a minute ago.
AFP are reporting this: Israeli authorities said on Thursday they were investigating the possible abduction of a soldier in the centre of the country, where police put up roadblocks.

"It's under investigation," a military spokeswoman said when asked about media reports a soldier may have been abducted near Ben Gurion International Airport.
And info more here:
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is currently investigating a report that an Israeli soldier was possibly kidnapped, an IDF spokeswoman said on Thursday.

The IDF will provide more information about the investigation in due time, the spokeswoman told Xinhua on the phone.

She did not rule out the possibility of the abduction of an IDF soldier.

Earlier, an Israeli source told Xinhua that the security forces are searching for a car that possibly kidnapped an Israeli soldier.
Maybe he boarded a plane to get the hell out of the rogue state, run away.....run away.......

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Greg Bacon said...

Maybe he got accidentally kidnapped for his organs and by the time the Rabbis realized their mistake, he was already gutted.

No problem, blame it on Hezbollah and invade--AGAIN--Lebanon.

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