02 September 2009

American Jews~"Target Aquired"

Months ago I did a post about how Israel is starting to panic about American Jews becoming more American than Zionist. They cite several reasons, one of which is marrying “non-Jews” or in other words interfaith marriages to us lower life "goyim", which they condemn, but sadly American Jews don’t seem to be listening anymore. So, in March 2008 Shalom TV did a show about interfaith marriages being the death of Judaism in America. So just like the busy little “hasbara” spreaders they are, the Zionists got busy on a plan to indoctrinate tiny children using, you guessed it, Sesame Street’s “Grover” who evidently has now converted to Zionism, or been bribed by AIPAC, take your pick. First the TV show on Shalom TV, followed by the Sesame Street Indoctrination info:
March 24, 2008 (Fort Lee, NJ) -- In a dramatic television roundtable on the future of American Jewry. A leading expert in American Jewish demography, Dr. Cohen decries as "horrible" the low percentage of Jews who descend from intermarriages, pointing out that only "thirteen percent of grandchildren of intermarried Jews are, by any stretch of the imagination, Jewish. Eighty-seven percent are not Jewish. That bothers me! It really is awful."(racist asshat!)

Moderated by Shalom TV's Mark S. Golub, the television panel also includes syndicated columnist and USA Radio Network Host Michah Halpern, and Betty Ehrenberg, advisor to the president of the World Jewish Congress.-snip- Ms. Ehrenberg expresses deep concern about the lower figures coupled with a "thinning out" of Jewish identity. (never mind Grover to the rescue!)

"If we will have fewer Jews, no matter how you estimate the exact number, we will have fewer people who vote, we will have a weaker political voice," she says, mindful of the community's influence on national and world affairs. "If you combine weaker numbers with weaker identification and weaker Jewish understanding, then you have a recipe for disaster .(translation=Zionist won't control America anymore!)

"It's less a question of 'Are we six million or 4.2 million or somewhere in between?'" adds Dr. Bayme. "What really is happening is that America is changing radically in terms of its population patterns. In that sense, the grounds of concern are quite real. "-snip- "If we're not realistic enough about saying it's a problem, we'll get nowhere with it. "The current generation of Jewish leadership needs to be challenged in terms of where it is going to place its emphasis. If it conducts business as usual--and I tend to think it will--then I am very agonized and very worried." Link
And now they believe the answer is to have "Grover" get em whilst they’re young, see here:
New ‘Shalom Sesame’ using Grover to bridge Israel-Disapora gap. Grover has been getting to know Israel.

The furry, blue “Sesame Street” character has visited the Dead Sea, Caesarea, the Western Wall and even Jerusalem’s shouk to sample the produce. Grover has been exploring the Jewish state as part of a Sesame Workshop production called “Shalom Sesame.”

The 12-part series is geared toward North American Jewish children and their families to forge a sense of Jewish identity by providing a taste of Israel, Jewish traditions and culture. It will include celebrity appearances by Jake Gyllenhaal, Debra Messing and possibly Ben Stiller.link
One word, "Revolting"


sheilanagig said...

They picked Grover? LOL

In reality there are no Sesame Street characters horrible enough to protray the pathos of Zionism.

Maybe they could have invented a nicer muppet....like a fiddler on the roof eh?

As long as we don't see Grover vivasecting Palestinian muppets, he might do the marketing job for them.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I am gonna upchuck my cooooookeeees now. So effing low. Beyond belief. BUT I do have something GOOOOOD to tell you!

Hate speech law unconstitutional: rights tribunal by Joseph Brean, National Post


This is EXCEPTIONAL news for bloggers! Today has been banner. LEVIEV's empire has crumbled. #6 rich guy in Israel responsible for building the settlements around Bilin and bringing in the Haredim.
No it is not just the boycott, but it focused a LOT of eyes on him and investors got dodgy and bingo he is down for the count!

Next, we go for the fluffy little one. Of course they chose the BLUE one to go there. He would look SOOOOO GOOD wrapped in an Israeli flag.

Greg Bacon said...


"Walking about, all those blonde shiksas makes it hard on a good Jewish boy to stay pure!"

realisticbird said...

What the heck?! Turing a cute puppet into a propaganda tool, only Zionists would think of such a low thing. What does being Jewish have to with "Israel" I don’t really see the connection, stolen land versus Jewish values and identity? Do they have to put their political nose into everything?

Irish4Palestine said...

I know, why grover, he was my favorite :-(

Now I'll have to disown him

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