04 September 2009

Israel Keeps Hand In Cookie Jar

The Nasty Little Spoilt Brat, just can't seem to withdraw it's stealing hands from the cookie jar that is Palestine. Given that Obama's "grand plan" for the Middle east (and the world) has now swung directly into the laps of the Evil Doers. But alas, Obama will now learn a lesson, never do deals with Israel, they never keep their word.

"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided"

That was what Obama said in his AIPAC speech during the primaries. You know, the speech where he went grovelling to the Zionists for votes? Yeah, that one.

Well, he wasn't kidding, and you'd think the Zionists would now do their part and keep their promise of a "big reward" to Obama; for giving them something that the rest of the world (and the UN) sees as stolen property, literally! The reward was obviously meant to be their "gracious and selfless" act of offering a "limited freeze" on illegal settlements on stolen land, the ones they don’t really want, the ones that only have tents and shacks. What this really means is that Israel, as usual, expects to be rewarded for giving back something it stole and never really owned. Now there's some logic for you, Israeli style, therefore void of logic. Of course, Israel never intended to freeze anything with regards to the nice big illegal communities of criminals they built on stolen land they want to illegally hang on to in order to expand their ethnic cleansing of Arabs.

The recent “cave in” by Mitchell in London when he met with the head Evil Doer, was not really a "cave in" at all. This is merely all part of the original plan, well, from the US side that is.
Palestinian outrage at Israel plan for settler homes

JERUSALEM — Israel will approve construction of hundreds of new homes in West Bank settlements before weighing a freeze sought by Washington in a move announced on Friday that fuelled Palestinian outrage.

"In the next days the prime minister will approve construction starts and then he might consider a freeze for a limited time under certain conditions," an Israeli government official told AFP.

He confirmed a report in the Jerusalem Post that said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would consider a moratorium on settlement construction "for a few months" after the green light is given to build hundreds of new homes in the occupied West Bank.

The English-language newspaper said work on 2,500 housing units which is already under way also would continue as part of the plan widely seen as an attempt to appease far right-wing members of Netanyahu's hawkish Likud party.

"The only thing suspended by this announcement will be the peace process," Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat told AFP.link
So when the Rockets begin to rain down on thsoe other illegal land grabs which Israel now believes are theirs, who will be to blame? The folks who have had their land stolen for years, the ones who just managed to survive a genocide, the ones who hardly have enough land left for a state, the ones who have millions of refugees all over the world because of Israel, the ones who were democratically elected, but the US and Israel refused to talk to them whilst purporting to be "Democratic"?