01 September 2009

Another Israeli War Crime

"Two Gaza militants killed by Israeli gun fire"
That's the title of this article, I have a problem with it. Firstly, why are they the militants, because they are Palestinians who dare to resist an occupying illegal force? After all, they were the ones shot at whilst walking in their own country! The "real" militant terrorists sit in tall safe watchtowers, armed to the teeth, shooting at anyone they want to, even when the person is in another country and is not threatening them in any way. Israel thinks it is allowed to kill when it merely "thinks" it may be in "danger" So, here's the logic, again this is !Zionist" logic. If I think you look suspicious I can kill you, it's "ok" because I'm a Zionist and we have no laws that govern us except our warped racist-nationalist religion and being the "chosen" ones. That's a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card"

Of course, we know that the US and Isarel want you to look upon those they kill as "militants" And ignore the real terrorists that have huge arsenals of weapons and nukes. But Shhhh, no ones supposed to know that. Here's the story, albiet with a new imporved title!

Israeli Terrorists shoot 2 members of the Palestinian Gazan Government's army in their own country. This is a continued act of agression and war by the terrorists, who continue to act with impunity. now THAT'S a proper title!:
GAZA, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- Two Palestinian SOLDIERS were killed on Tuesday evening when Israeli TERRORISTS spotted and opened fire at them to the east of Gaza City, medical sources told Xinhua.

Witnesses and hospital officials said that Israeli TERRORISTS stationed on the security fence separating Gaza and Israel, spotted SOLDIERS approaching the border and fired a shell and barrage of machinegun fire towards them.

The paramedics said the two were identified as Esmat Muhrra and Rafah al-Najjar. They were taken to Kamal Adwan hospital in Jabaliya refugee camp.

Sources said the two SOLDIERS were members of Ezz el-Deen al-Qassam PALESTINIAN DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GAZAN GOVERNMENTS ARMY brigades, the military ARMY of Islamic Hamas DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT which GOVERNS the PALESTINIAN Gaza Strip.

A state of non-binding, unofficial lull between the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GAZA GOVERNMENT and Israel TERRORISTS has been shaken in the last few days with the death of six INNOCENT Palestinians, including a fisherman and three smugglers, by Israeli TERRORIST fire in three incidents. source
The kind of "peace" Israel wants is the silence which will come when they murder and kill every single Palestinian that refuses to submit to their oppressors. Hey Israel you can kill people, but you can never kill their dream of freedom and homeland. You WILL loose..........

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seansmom said...

Seems a good time here to recall just who the Gazans are! The Gazans are refugees from where the European illegal immigrant "chosen wide loads " flopped down on them and the Palestinians who survived being smashed, squashed, shot, and literally thrown into the sea fled from what is now the “core” Jewish cities, from Haifa to Jaffa to Gaza. That's why Gaza is called a refugee camp. It isn't really that the "Israelis" are in "their" country and the Palestinians are in theirs...the Zionists are in the Palestinian's country! The Arabs still own it, that's why they still keep their house keys! I realize your post refers to the "defacto at gunpoint" Israel.

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