02 September 2009

Shalit~The Spin Stops Here

Perusing the news I see that nine(of 40 kidnapped) members of Hamas (the democratically elected government in Palestine) who are Lawmakers, not soldiers, are supposed to be freed by the Zionist Rogue State. This, no doubt in the run up to some deal for Shalit the POW. Yes, let’s call him what he is, a Prisoner of War. Something he would not be, but for the actions of Israel stealing land and attacking Palestine.

I digress, so back to today’s report of the nine lawmakers. I really have to laugh at this, here’s why; imagine this scenario in America. Let’s say American solders who are in Afghanistan, Iraq or very soon to be Pakistan (Remember "Blackwater"?? And you thought Cheney and Bush left the Whitehouse LOL, really!) the soldiers are there because of their government’s request. They are performing for their government, at the behest of their government, under orders from their government, they are “soldiers” doing soldiers work. They are not lawmakers in Washington; they are soldiers, two different jobs. So, continuing with this scenario, let’s say some members of the American army manage to capture a soldier from the opposing side. Then let’s say that the government of that country then orders their army to round up nine American lawmakers and kidnap them. Are you beginning to see the absurdity of this now? Are you picturing nine congressmen or nine senators being kidnapped from America, on American soil, and then jailed in another country because a soldier captured another soldier? I mean seriously, even Bush was not kidnapped or arrested for all of his lies and war crimes. But, one little IDF soldier is captured by the opposing army and all logic goes out the window. Israel then commits multiple crimes of kidnapping non-military lawmakers from the democratically elected Government of another country.

And if that’s not enough, they now EXPECT to be rewarded for releasing them, when they were illegally kidnapped non-combatant lawmakers. How’s that for Zionist logic! Here’s the story:
RAMALLAH, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Israel is expected to free nine Hamas lawmakers who have been arrested since the capture of an Israeli soldier in 2006, a local prisoner rights group said on Wednesday.

The nine members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) are based in the West Bank and they have completed their 40-month detention sentence, said Ahrar center for prisoners' studies and human rights.

Israel arrested more than 40 members of the Hamas-dominated PLC in the West Bank in 2006 in response to the kidnapping of Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit (and there you have the multiple kidnapping crimes committed by Israel for the capture of a soldier in a war!)

Twenty-five Hamas lawmakers would remain in custody while the nine legislators are freed, the center said in a statement sent to the media.(note that Israel will still illegaly hold on to the other 25 LAWMAKERS from the Palestinian government!)

Meanwhile, Hamas said its demands for freeing Shalit have not been changed. Hamas wants Israel to release more than 1,000 Palestinian and Arab prisoners in exchange for Shalit.

A senior Hamas source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the indirect talks to finalize the prisoners swap deal "is going on," adding "the deal would be finalized upon "what was declared on the first day of abducting Shalit."

The source refused to deny or confirm previous information saying that a prisoners swap deal "is expected before Moslems and Jewish holidays in late September."

However, the source said "the current talks are serious." link
Israel needs to release all the Palestinian prisoners who have been illegally kidnapped and imprisoned, then they can talk about Shalit.