24 September 2009


On the 19th of September, I wrote a post about Russia being paid off by Obama using the removal of the Missile Shield defense system in exchange for its support for sanctions and steps against Iran as America and Israel begin the time consuming wheeling and dealing phase of getting people on board to ONE cripple Iran like Gaza,with a virtual siege..... and should that fail TWO lay the groundwork for allowing Israel to strike Iran’s facilities. This is a small part of my post on the 19th, keep reading:

His (Obama’s) decision to change tack on missile defence has raised the prospect of improved co-operation with Russia in the Security Council. The Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has praised Obama's U-turn as "correct and bold". (pay off!!!!)

So,if you have not figured all this out yet, here’s what is going on, using the false "leaked" so called "Secret Report" from the "secret Un-named source" coupled with the fact that the US and Israel have made a deal with Russia, hence the removal of the Missile Defence System from Europe as was stated above. Putin is a happy chappy and may have just sold Iran and the entire Middle East right down the crapper. And remember this? Good ole Netanyahu vanishes from Israel last week, the Israeli media begins to question is absence, after 2 days it is revealed in a leak that he “may” be in Russia. link
However, One person didn’t believe me, and said: “For what? Non-performing missile shields?” and this: “The assertion that Russia has sold Iran off for those reasons just does not make any sense or add up” And this: “then tell me how one can possibly believe that a sell-off of Iran by Russia is about to happen “

Flash forward 3 days to today, the 24th of September after the UN meetings led by O’Bush, I mean Obama, and this is being reported:

Russia says it will join sanctions against Iran

President Obama’s biggest foreign policy gamble appeared to pay off last night as Russia opened the door to punishing new sanctions on Iran to halt its nuclear programme.

Mr Medvedev’s – admittedly lukewarm – support for sanctions is seen as payback for Washington’s decision to move its defensive missile shield from Poland and the Czech Republic to the Mediterranean.
Hmmmm, that sounds very familiar, MORE:
New sanctions under consideration range from a ban on foreign investment and the encouragement of capital flight to put pressure on Iran’s currency to a ban on the export of equipment or technology for oil and gas exploration. A ban on refined petroleum exports is being considered.

Saudi Arabia is trying to lure Russia into cancelling its S-300 anti-missile system deal with Iran in return for buying $2 billion of its arms. Inducements such as oil deals and jobs for migrant workers could help to persuade China that their interests lie west of Tehran.

In his address to the assembly, President Sarkozy of France warned Iran that it would be making a “tragic mistake” if it underestimated worldwide concern over its nuclear ambitions. He said later that December was the deadline for Iran to prove that the diplomatic track was worth pursuing. source
And let us not forget Russia wants in the WTO and America can make that happen for them quickly Which I expect should Obama need Russia's support for the next steps when Sanctions won't work.

Sorry "Egoigwe", but after 30 years of dealing with the British, masters of deception and duplicity, Obama and America’s moves are transparent. Point, Score, Irish………….


Anonymous said...

A ban on imported petroleum products may be considered but China and India could care less about it. They have inked new contracts to begin pumping refined oil into Iran.

India's Reliance and China's Sinopec are no doubt dancing with glee.

Russia might be as well. They don't import gasoline to Iran so it does not hurt them but it does result in no missiles on their border.

Can you be sure the S-300 missiles were not delivered long ago? There is the rumor the arctic sea had a load of them. We know Russia has delivered s-300 missiles to China as well as the sunburn, a carrier killing missile that moves at the speed of two and half times the speed of sound.

How does one really know if Russia does not supply China and China does not in turn supply Iran? There can be many twists and turns in the great game that none of us know anything about!

Then there is the rumor Iran bought 250 neutron weapons from the Ukraine as it fell. How do we know this is not true?

Anonymous said...

I meant to add Irish any of the photoshops on my page you commented on earlier, feel free to grab them and use them.

Josh Strike said...

This is great! This is brilliant work on Obama's part, much like JFK's tactical withdrawal of nukes from Turkey during the Cuban missile crisis. ANY TIME A COUNTRY IS STOPPED FROM GOING NUCLEAR, THAT IS A GOOD THING, unless you are a fan of atomic weapons and nuclear war. The US should be pressuring Israel, Pakistan, India AND Iran to give up nuclear weapons and development. Why do you have a problem with that?

Irish4Palestine said...

@John Strike

My problem is that America refuses to include Israel who HAS nukes in the Middle East.




Actually I agree and belive ALL nukes should go, including the ones the US and Israel have as well. My problem is the double standareds.

Why only North Korea and Iran singled out, what about Pakistan, Israel (not a signer to the NPT) and then of course you have England, USA, France and China, all with nukes.

no nukes should mean "no nukes for anyone."

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