23 September 2009


What Went Wrong??? And why.....Obama has a serious problem, he was literally owned by Netanyahu at the so called “summit.” So why would a President hold such a recognised farce instead of being a real American leader who backs up what his stated position is on the situation by calling the summit off until there was some real progress by Israel? Thus increasing pressure on Israel to halt and disband illegal settlements, so there is enough land left for Palestine? This would have been a victory for Obama and his “two state solution” he claims to support, and it would have been a strong message to Israel that Obama means business. So, why did he choose to allow Israel to make a farce out of the US Administrations plans and demands for peace?

I can tell you that I for one saw this coming, because the answer to that question began months ago for those who have paid attention. Obama is desperate for some sort of “victory”, literally anything he can use to shift the focus off the real problem. What’s the real problem? Here is a big HINT (more after this):
Gallop (Favours Democrats):

83, 59-67, 61 NEXT:

Rasmussen (Seems to favor Republicans but I find it on the whole a bit closer to the truth even though I support Democrats NOT Republicans)

from Wiki; His web site has more traffic than any other firm, with Gallup a close second. Tony Snow, White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, attacked Rasmussen’s polling on the War in Iraq.More recently, Democrats have attacked his polling on President Obama’s Job Approval Rating

Rasmussen’s reported Job Approval Ratings for President Obama are typically several points lower than Gallup’s. He says this is because Gallup polls all adults and he polls likely voters.65-59-59-54-48-46 NEXT:

PEW Research Centre:

Obama's approval rating has declined across nearly all major demographic and political groups: It has fallen 11 points among women and nine points among men; by 12 points among Republicans, 10 points among Democrats and nine points among independents.link
Obama’s job-approval rating fell 3 percentage points, to 51 percent from 54 percent in July, within the survey’s error margin of plus-or-minus 2.5 percentage points. His rating stood at 61 percent in June.

Independents were almost evenly divided, with 45 percent saying they approved of Obama’s performance and 43 percent saying they disapproved. In June, independents approved of Obama’s job performance by almost a 2-to-1 margin.

Approval ratings for the Democratic Party also fell, with 49 percent of Americans saying they viewed the party favorably. That’s down 10 percentage points from April, Washington-based Pew reported. Democrats had a 62 percent favorable rating just before Obama’s inauguration in January. The 40 percent approval rating for the Republican Party has held steady all year. SOURCE
So, do you get the picture yet? The sad reality is that Obama’s ratings are falling steadily on an overall basis, of course there are upwards dips now and then but the overall trending is falling and has continued to fall since he took office. Given that Obama’s landslide election was down to cross party support and also support from Independents, this is troubling for Obama. Unless Obama can have some sort of victory on at least one of his main issues soon, then he stands the chance of being a one term wonder. And, sadly what those who put him in office want most of all is not Middle East peace, although that is on their agenda, just not at the top. The top “want” is Healthcare. Just peruse any Democratic Progressive website or popular blog, you know the ones. What are they all talking about? Answer “Healthcare” not Palestine.

If Obama were to toughen his stand on Israel, and make hard demands to Netanyahu, his approval rating would plummet to all time lows, he knows this. So does Israel.... Additionally, he will “need” the “right” support to get his healthcare reform passed. And where will he go for that support? You know the answer to that one. He cannot afford to alienate the Jewish lobby to the extent that they refuse to support his Domestic policies through armtwisting their owned Politicians. Obama must deliver on Healthcare to the Progressive Democrats who elected him, or else. So, American Healthcare trumps Middle East peace for Obama.

Strangely enough, if he manages to get a real victory on Healthcare, which in turn increases his approval ratings, then that could free him up to possibly take a stronger stand against Israel, should he be “so inclined” to do so.

The short answer is, that until his approval ratings grow, there will be no tough talk towards Israel, no real prospects of any fair deal for Palestine. Israel knows this and will continue to take advantage of this very sad fact. Welcome to reality, reality sucks.