22 September 2009


While the US Government celebrates its Summit Victory for Israel with a cruise around New York.....

There is absolute outrage in Gaza (and the rest of the normal world) happening live right now, There is a huge public speaking engagement going on now in Gaza outside in the streets, people are shouting and angry. I am listening to the shouting in Gaza as I type this. People there are very angry over the summit that just concluded between Obama/Netanyahu and Abbas. Obama has achieved nothing, and in fact has made matters worse. They see this as a victory for Israel and a defeat for Abbas and Palestine, and I agree.

Sami Abu Zuhri from the Democratically elected Gazan Government HAMAS has given a press conference live in Gaza, here are some quotes regarding the "deal" from the Summit:

"Exhibits the failure of the US promises to the Palestinians."

"The Fact that Obama cannot halt or stop the settlements shows the bias of the US Administration to Palestinians."

"Arab states made a mistake to trust Obama-he has failed them"

"Abbas had no mandate to negotiate with the Israelis"

Of all the statements issued, the final one is 100% accurate. Abbas has NO mandate to negotiate for all the Palestinians. Any deals Abbas (the US/Israeli owned Agent) will fail miserably without Hamas being involved in any negotiations. Hamas won a landslide in the Elections, they cannot be ignored, nor can those who voted for them. The equivalent would be if the US Republican party (the one NOT in power nor with the presidency) went out and made some international deal representing the entire USA. Those kinds of dirty dealings never work. They tried this sort of thing in Ireland and it failed miserably until Sinn Fein was taken into the process. It will fail miserably in Palestine as well. But then again, this is what Israel and the US want, failure and an excuse to militarily take out the elected government in Gaza.UPDATE: I just need to add this because it is so insane. They just had a Palestinian and an old Zionist Jew in Israel being interviewed about the so called "summit" of course the Palestinian was saying what we all know, the Israel refuses to stop taking land and there will be no land left. The Zionist asshat, had the audacity to say that peace has failed because Palestinians have not learned and accepted that Jews can live anywhere they want, it's all their land. AND if that's not enough insanity for you, he then went on to say that Palestinians wanting their own state shows they are "racist" against Jews. Rhetorical question: Why do evil racist people live so long? Where's a good lightening bolt when you need one?