21 September 2009


I watched this live on Al Jazeera and it took me a wee while to find a video of it online. Do we all remember Max Blumenthal's video "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem?" Remember the Israeli hasbara that ensured. They claimed it was just a bunch of American Jews on holiday, and they were drunk? Well, what's the excuse for the one I have posted below. Indeed, no one is drunk, no one is on Holiday in Israel, and moreover, one wants to actually "Shoot Obama" because he is "black" THIS is what America supports, THIS kind of unabashed racism and hatred. Be proud America, you created this and allow it to continue, you feed it with 3 billion of your dollars per year.(turn up your speakers so you can hear the terrorist when he speaks) Here is your result:


Anonymous said...

It's not only the zios that say Obama sounds like Osama....
Whenever I write a post using the name Obama,my 'spellchecker' prompts me to change it to Osama....
Makes one wonder where Google stands on this ;)

Irish4Palestine said...


yeah, you'd think all of Obama's google pals that supported him and donated so much money to him, would have sorted that by now. Maybe they are having 2nd thoughts, or maybe they are zionists LOL

Anonymous said...

Gee, and I thought Bush voters had low iodine deficiency syndrome.

A full time Job as a welfare recipient of the 20 Billion a year that US defense industries and international embezzlers looking for a hideout bribe the US Synogogress to allocate to Israel sure hasn't been spent on education, drug prevention or free thought. I know a few Israelis - and none of them have the "hillbilly" gene evident in the video - but the rednecks in this video sure make Americans look a lot smarter than once inferred.

Really, I thought all Jews were smart because 2 historical Jews, Jesus and Einstein, were epic intellectuals. Despite the weakness of Israeli claimants to Judea, in America, we are blessed and proud to have many patriotic thinking Jews in the 911 Truth Movement.

But still - I need to flush my brain. Israelis seem to have the perfect war bait loss leader mentality that US weapons dealers need and the fast sinking myth to go along with it. But most in the video seemed to be waiting from some modern day Josephus to melt the gold out of their used useless skulls, once again, in the name of war profits. Poor Israelis. It's a sad state that world Jewry ain't what it used to be. From brilliant technologists and merchants to drug addicted bling queen hillbilly consumers and organ thieves with little more than a 3rd grade education in less than 60 years.

I guess if you're genetically disposed to another Masada style flush from the history of mankind, ignorance, drug addiction and pretending to be phony tough is the only lifestyle available.


1776blues said...

Obama is a front man, he does not control policy that is controlled by the bansters. Right now and from what I've read and heard; there is a power struggle amongst the ruling elite but both agree on one thing; the west and in this case the US time as the top dog in the world; is over.

My thoughts, why does everyone think they deserve charity more than the other people. I say stop all aid to all nations and for pete's sake put sanctions on Israel and force them to stop with their hostile and wrongful take over of Palistine.

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