21 September 2009

Zionists DEMAND America Change NOW

Ok, so they already control your Congress, Senate and your President. You already give them 3 billion per year (you could use that to fund US Healthcare!) but it's still not enough. Nope, you will now become "Little Israel" by re-arranging your elections to suit the Zionists schedule, hurry up now, do as you're told, they are waiting....
Eighteen Jewish organizations asked the Iowa Democratic and Republican parties to change the 2010 Iowa caucus to avoid Shabbat.

Both party's caucuses have been scheduled for a Saturday -- Jan. 23, at 1 p.m. -- and that "effectively disenfranchises members of the Jewish community," says the letter to the state's party chairs, the Democrats' Michael Kiernan and the Republicans' Matt Strawn.

Iowa party leaders said this summer that the schedule was chosen to encourage greater participation in an off-year election.

Groups representing the four major religious streams, the National Jewish Democratic Council and the Republican Jewish Coalition signed the letter. It was coordinated by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. link

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Maasanova said...

It will happen too, because Americans don't seem to care that they are completely dominated by a small foreign terrorist country.

Don't forget that some Jewish extremist in Israel suggested that sanctions be imposed on the US and that rich Jews who own our Congress stop funding candates who aren't pro-Zionist.

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