13 September 2009

Israel Crashes Jet Into Palestine

This comes under the heading of "Ooooops I should have stayed home " An Israeli terrorist fighter jet flying over the country of Palestine illegally has crash landed killing the terrorist pilot. The pilot was the son of the only Zionist astronaut, who also died in the Space Shuttle explosion.
An Israeli F-16 fighter jet has crashed in the West Bank, killing the pilot.

The 21-year-old pilot, Assaf Ramon, was the son of Israel's only astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who died in the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003.

An unidentified Palestinian told Israeli TV that the plane had flown low over the southern West Bank before crashing.

"There was a huge fire," the eyewitness said.

Lt Assaf Ramon graduated from the Israeli air force pilot's course earlier this year. source
Maybe he graduated too soon..............