28 September 2009


Someone needs to put these arrogant murdering criminals in their place.

Israel tells the PA they better "hop to it" and inform the International Criminal Court to drop all charges against Israel, or else Israel will see to it that the soon to be, done deal for a 2nd cellular provider for Palestine will be scraped AND the PA will have to foot the 300 MILLION DOLLAR bill for cancelling it. Seriously, if Abbas submits to his slave-master Netanyahu on this, then imagine what kind of Palestinian state we will end up with in any so called "peace deal" Abbas would agree to.
RAMALLAH, West Bank: Israel has informed the Palestinian Authority (PA) that it will not authorize the operation of a second cellular phone network until the PA withdraws its demand that the International Criminal Court in The Hague investigate alleged Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip, as documented in the Goldstone Commission report, the daily Haaretz said Sunday.

The issue of a second cellular provider is at the center of talks between the PA, the international Quartet and Israel and has been ongoing for months. Currently the sole provider is Pal-Tel and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad considers the introduction of another carrier as an important step in improving the civilian infrastructure in the West Bank. The project is central to Wataniya Palestine, the company that is set to serve as the second provider, and profits are expected to be substantial.

But if the project is not approved by Oct. 15, the PA will be forced to pay a penalty estimated at $300 million, the sum that has already been invested in licensing and infrastructure. SOURCE

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

OMG they are so effing unbelievable.

Do you remember a few years back, Cheney shot a much older man in the face with a gun. Now, I won't go into what I think was REALLY happening but the old man had a lot of pain, surgery, scaring, etc.

Dick denied any wrongdoing of course. "Just a hunting accident" from about 5 feet away.

What blew me away was, a few days later, the old man all scarred APOLOGIZING to Dick the dick about the whole accident had gone and how tragic for HIS (Dick's) family to have him (the victim) speak out against an honest good man.

Hmmm must be a talmudic thing!

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