16 September 2009



Here's another blow to the Evil Rogue State who commits crimes against humanity and hides war criminals and thinks it does not have to comply with international law.Message to Israel from world:
"We will not forget what you did"

TUC to decide on Israeli boycott, The FBU condemns Israel for its offensive in Gaza in January. Delegates at the TUC Congress will vote on a call to boycott Israeli goods and ban the importation of products from "illegal Israeli settlements". The motion has been put forward by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and it is supported by Unite and Unison.

The FBU will call for an end to arms trading with Israel, a ban on importing goods from "illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories" and promotion of a consumer-led boycott. It wants members of the TUC to boycott Israeli goods, especially agricultural products produced in the settlements. The FBU is taking a stand against Israel's offensive in Gaza in January. Palestinians and human rights groups say more than 1,400 Gazans were killed during the three-week operation, but Israel puts the figure at 1,166.
And when the Zionist representative was interviewed about this, can you guess the response? It’s a “Classic Response” but with added “Bonus Points” for creativity, see here:
Israel's deputy ambassador in London said it would help the "radicals burn all hopes for reconciliation". Talya Lador-Fresher told BBC Radio 4's Today programme it was a "pity" the motion came from the FBU, whose "job is to take out fire but in this case, setting fire on". Boycotts will not bring the peace process forward
So are you laughing yet? but there’s an even better one coming:
"It may even backfire and harm British workers in this country because boycotts have a tendency to work both ways."
Well, you have to love that one above. Yes, let’s attempt to scare the British public by twisting the facts around, yeah, let’s link job loss in Britain to the boycott, that’ll scare em! And now for the “Creativity Award” (Drum Roll Please) And the award for Creativity in Hasbara goes to the next sentence:
She added it was a pity "extremists" in the TUC had "hijacked the agenda".
Bonus points for using the words “Extremists” and “Hijacked” in one sentence, and even more points for attempting to paint TUC members as “Extremists and Hijackers” Seriously, they need to change the channel, this Propaganda rhetoric is now seen for exactly what it is, nothing more than Israel trying to deflect, disguise and defer from the REAL agenda. War Crimes!