25 September 2009


OMG!!! Iran is building a 2nd nuclear plant……..Ok, We are all supposed to be horrified, we are all supposed to be shocked, we are all supposed to be calling for sanctions and an ultimate military intervention in Iran later this year or early next. But I view this entire “Obama-Israel” UN dog and pony show as suspect and have some questions for Obama which he appears to have overlooked or not explained.

First here’s the set up: I used to work in the Medical profession. When breaking news of non-malignant cancer, or a pre cancerous condition to a patient or family member, we were taught to discuss all important information first, because once the word “Cancer” is introduced, the person’s brain goes into “freak mode” and cannot get past that fearful “word.”

I see this Iran thing in much the same way, and moreover, I have a few problems with what just went down at the UN here are my points:

1. The US purposely hides, for many years, vital information from the IAEA regarding Iran. And no one picks up on that little factoid? Why is the US allowed to withhold information it should share with the IAEA for so long? Why was this not reported when the first wall went up? You know the answer to this question.

2. Why was only North Korea and Iran singled out? What about Pakistan and Israel? Both unstable countries

3. Words like “hidden from the IAEA” and “Secret Facility” were bandied about by Obama and Gordon Brown. When those words should also be directed at Israel, see HERE and HERE and below from 1999:

4. Like it or not, Iran's nuclear question is not important as Isarel has nukes in the region. It’s called “balance of power.” Unfortunately, right now, the ONLY state in the Middle East that can militarily counter Israel IS Iran. Without Iran, Israel can run rough shot over any other Arab country it wants to. Israel could invade Lebanon and Palestine again and again at will, taking as much land as it wants. Right now Israel is limited to some degree because Iran has links to factions in Lebanon and Palestine, and that worries Israel and helps to keep them "in-check". BOTH should be held accountable to the SAME laws and the SAME inspections. To be honest, given Israels track record of invading it's neighbours, they worry me FAR more than Iran.

5. If Obama was any sort of intelligent man, he would rid the Middle East of ALL Nuclear Weapons, including the Israeli ones that are not talked about but exist. You cannot be seen as one sided, by tacitly supporting hidden nukes in Israel and not calling for inspections of Israel’s plant, whilst at the same time condemning Iran who has allowed inspections of it’s 1st plant and is not proven to have nukes in the one under construction. Moreover I’m willing to bet that Iran will allow the IAEA into the plant under construction as it has continued to do with its first plant. Question: Will Israel do the same?

6. The entire Middle East should be a “Nuke Free Zone” there is far too much tension there for any country to have nuclear weapons.

That is what the US should be aspiring to. Not this one sided farce that will do nothing about stabilising the area.

Sarkozy said “Everything must be on the table now”
I agree. And that needs to include Israel as WELL as Iran.


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I agree 100%

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