25 September 2009


How many of us in December and January watched in sheer and utter horror at the IDF murdering innocent civilians in the Gaza Genocide? How many of us screamed expletives at the television when viewing the deaths and holocaust in action? Well get ready and start packing your overnight bag. Because they are coming for us all. Anyone who criticizes Israel in public can be targeted next. I hope they have some big jail cells, they're gonna need them......
Rowan Laxton, 48, head of the South Asia desk of the Foreign Office, was watching a television report about the death of a farmer killed by Israeli bombs when he exclaimed: 'F****** Israelis, f****** Jews'.

Fellow gym members Gideon Falter and William Lemaine,(Zionists) who were on a lower floor using weights, overhead Laxton and complained to staff at the gym.

Laxton, whose salary after tax is £3,000 a month, was fined at the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court after District Judge Howard Riddle found him guilty of racially aggravated harassment. He had denied the charge.

He was also ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs and a £15 victim surcharge.
In a written judgement, Judge Riddle said Laxton had been under stress on the day, and may have been oblivious to others around him.

He said: 'This was not a legitimate protest - it was an emotional reaction.

'It is hard to imagine the circumstances when saying "f****** Jews' in a gym used by other people, and overheard by two strangers 20 feet away, could be considered reasonable.'

Speaking outside the court, Mr Knowles said: 'Mr Laxton is very disappointed by the outcome of today, and he will be considering his next steps with his legal team.'

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loungelizardess@hushmail.com said...

Bummer! But people should not speak ill against Jews. Stick to what is really hated and that is Zionism and Israel. That's why the media is careful not to "Muslim " bash...they conceal it with "Islamist extremists". I know what they really mean and so does everyone. They are evil. But we are not, we really don't hate Jews, we hate Israel.
So when someone is tagged with anti arabism or anti Muslim they can also use this anti Jews incidence to extract the same justice.

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