01 September 2009

The "Pimp & Ho" Fall Out

Today‘s post is about “Morals” or the “Lack of Morals” or wading into the Madonna/Israel "Pimp-Ho" Relationship.

Israel and Madonna have a “Pimp-Ho” relationship. The “Pimp” has rewarded the “Ho” greatly since her conversion to a brand of Judaism called “Kabbalah.” At first Israel was a “Happy Pimp” after all, they need all the “hasbara” they can get. Why they even gave her a job as a guest “Journalist” at Yediot Ahronot one of Israel’s biggest papers, Wowzer! But that’s not all folks, Oh no, lookie here, she gets to bend the rules as well with her children:
The Board of Deputies cautioned yesterday that a Court of Appeal ruling last week, which would force JFS to accept pupils who aren't recognised as halachically Jewish by the United Synagogue, could affect other Jewish schools, while giving Madonna a "good claim" to apply for a place at the Kenton establishment.

The only allowable test will be practice, and so children of a Jewish mother or father, or both, that are not practising will be at a disadvantage. Equally, someone with no Jewish lineage whatsoever could claim to be practising in order to apply for a place. Madonna would have a good claim! link
So, no need to adhere to traditional Jewish laws and rules, no sir-ree bob tail. Just so long as you can spread the “hasbara” for Israel you are very welcomed into the fold. And as and added bonus for Israel, Madonna goes around collecting African children using her wealth and status to circumvent laws of tiny African countries. But, I wonder how all those Christian and Muslim Malawi people would feel about her converting all those kids to a form of Judaism? And moreover, is now trying to get them into traditional halachically Jewish School where a recent “bending of the rules” may allow this (see above). Given that Malawi's religious make up is thus:
Christianity is the majority religion in Malawi . Sixty percent of Christians are Protestant and 15% are Catholic. Other sects include Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Anglicans, Church of Central African Presbyterians (commonly called CCAP), and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The second most prominent religion in Malawi is Islam—Muslims make up 15-20% of the population.source
So, for Israel the “Pimp” this is a classic “Win-Win” situation, they get a large self indulgent celeb who collects children from the Muslim and Christian faith and then converts them into Zionists………..with the added bonus of having Madonna pimp for Israel everywhere she goes. Uh Oh, trouble in paradise, the Pimp is not happy today and may be having second thoughts because the “ho” is misbehaving in public….surprise:
In a move that is sure to provoke calls of hypocrisy, Madonna has released a raunchy video in the middle of her tour of religious sites in Israel.
And, she’s even become a “Pimp” herself using her 12 year old daughter in the video:
With, Luz, (Madonna’s 22 year old “boyfriend”) posing as a topless DJ, ends up kissing the mother-of-four before the scene cuts to a troupe of breakdancers - including Madonna's 12-year-old daughter Lourdes.
So, how does Israel the Pimp feel now? Not so happy, see here:
Madonna, who is a follower of Kabbalah - a branch of Judaism - has sparked outrage among some Jewish mystics, who claim she is abusing the esoteric teachings of the religion.
For most Jews, Kabbalah should only be attempted by men over 40 who can abstain from material desires.

Leading Kabbalah Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri told Sky News: 'Madonna is not dealing with the real practical Kabbalah

'Her teaching of Kabbalah is erroneous.'
And finally, the “Ho” will meet the “Head Pimp”
She is also set to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday. link
No doubt the meeting taking place in order to sort out the recent “Pimp-Ho” kerfuffle.