01 September 2009

Abbas Impersonates the IDF

Abbas has learned much from Israel. Unfortunately he's not learned anything of value to Palestinians. Instead of representing the country of Palestine, working towards unity, having fair elections, being inclusive, respecting the vote, nope, none of these things, but instead he's learned how to kidnap, threaten and intimidate his political rivals. You know the ones who actually got the majority of the vote, including in the West Bank? This from the Elected Majority Government, exiled to Gaza:
Security forces loyal to former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday kidnapped six Palestinians in Tulkarem, Nablus and Al-Khalil districts including the father of a wanted youth as a hostage until his son gives himself up.

Local sources in Tulkarem said that those militias stormed the home of Adnan Samara, who was formerly held in Zionist occupation jails, and abducted his father Tayseer and his brother Nasr to pressure Adnan into giving himself up.

Abbas's militias rounded a shopkeeper in downtown Tulkarem after wreaking havoc in his shop, sources said, adding that Abdul Fattah Al-Qaddoumi was arrested by those forces before and spent seven months in the preventive security jails.

In Nablus, Abbas's forces detained Fadel Al-Beitawi, the son of MP Hamed Al-Beitawi, who is kidnapped for the second time by those militias.

Three other Palestinians, including an ex-prisoner in occupation jails, were kidnapped at the hands of those militias in Al-Khalil. link