15 September 2009

Zionist Indoctrination Centre Coming to London

£50m plan for first US-style Jewish centre in London. This is one aspect of how the Zionists spread Hasbara around the world. Creating lovely £50 million pound Hasbara centres (That’s close to $100 million in US Dollars folks!) Where they work to engage the local community in an effort to show they are “friendly and kind people just like you” But, their actions in the Middle East and elsewhere prove this is a lie. You see, they are a “flawed People” because they lack several capacities that are inherent in the rest of us. Those missing attributes are as follows:

1. Compassion for those outside the Zionist movement
2. Belief in equality for all people
3. Patriotic duties means; Israel first, even if they are American or British citizens
4. Never admit your failings or crimes
5. When accused of anything cry foul by screaming the phrase “Anti-Semitic”
6. Recruit others to join your worldwide army by using the “Never Again” speech
7. Lastly, you must hate all things Arab and Muslim and convince others to do the same.
Now, here’s the latest story regarding the indoctrination office, masquerading as a “Cultural Centre”
£50m plan for first US-style Jewish centreLondon is to get its first American-style Jewish community centre.

Plans for the £50million project by architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands have been approved by Camden council and been welcomed by Mayor Boris Johnson and leaders of all Jewish denominations. Its events involve Jewish arts, culture, social action and debates.

The foundation has committed £25million to the project - the biggest single gift to a Jewish communal body. The rest of the money will be raised from the Jewish community.

The centres bring together all streams of Judaism and welcomes non-Jews.(Because they need us to fund and support Israel in our own countries) There are more than 1,100 worldwide centres. link