15 September 2009

Jordan~No Reward For Israel

Well it looks like not ALL the Arabs are so willing to “normalise” relations with the Zionist Religious Rogue State. Good for them! The Jordanian Higher Committee for Anti-Normalisation says “No Way Jose” no reward for you. (Note=I just LOVE that name of that organisation, wish I could be a member) Israel wants to be rewarded for doing what it should do anyway, and THAT is under “normal” circumstances, but the new and improved “Zionist” logic calls for Israel to be rewarded for doing “nothing at all” In other words for continuing to break UN resolutions and continuing to steal and occupy land by ethnically cleansing Arabs off their own soil in their own country. Something the world has ruled to be illegal under the law. You know, the “law”??? That little thing that applies to everyone else except Israel? Yeah, THAT Law. Jordanian public not buying it:
Jordanian activists urge gov't to rescind decision on olive exports to Israel. Anti-normalisation advocates have called on the government to rescind a decision to export olive products to Israel, ahead of the harvest season later this year.

In a letter sent to Prime Minister Nader Dahabi, President of the Higher Committee for Anti-Normalisation Hamzeh Mansour criticised the decision, saying it contradicts citizens' expectations in light of Israel's hardline policies in the Palestinian territories.

Jordan should not be allowing the export of olive products to Israel at a time when the Kingdom imports olives from Syria to offset the shortage in the local market, he said.

"Olive oil belongs to Al Aqsa Mosque, which is currently being systematically destroyed to pave the way for constructing the so-called temple on its rubble," said Mansour, who also heads the Islamic Action Front bloc in Parliament and is president of the party's shura council.

He said Jordan is going ahead with normalising ties with Israel without reaping the benefits of such efforts.

"We learnt about a decision by the government to cancel fees on exporting olive products to Israel. This is shocking to Jordanians," Mansour said in the letter, sent to the premier following an urgent committee meeting last week.

He urged the government to rescind its decision, which, he said, contradicts public sentiment.

"We wish, during this holy month of Ramadan, that the government reconsiders this decision and keeps Jordanian oil for Jordanians. You should not be sending a message that reflects Jordan's approval of calls by American President Barak Obama to normalise relations with Israel," the letter added.

Activists have recently stepped up their anti-normalisation efforts in light of a lack of progress in peace talks and the formation of a right-wing government in Israel led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Professional associations and opposition parties have spearheaded the anti-normalisation drive since the Kingdom signed the Wadi Araba Peace Treaty in 1994 link