18 October 2009

Al Aqsa Siege Redux

During the Al Aqsa siege where Israel decided that Muslims no longer had the right to enter and pray in their Mosque, there was a large protest in Prague directly in front of the Israeli Embassy, good for them! We all felt helpless watching Israel decide who gets to pray and who does not. I wondered how Zionist would feel around the world if protesters stood outside their Synagogues in every country and blocked them from entering and praying..........
Prague - Some 50 Palestinians and their supporters today protested against the fact that Israel temporarily closed the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for Arabian believers, which is one of the holiest sites for Muslims.

The protesters had Palestinian flags and posters with the Jerusalem al-Aqsa Mosque and pro-Palestinian slogans.

The Israeli military bans Muslims to pray in the mosque, said Muhammad Nabulsi, spokesman for the Palestinian Club in the Czech Republic. source