19 October 2009


A Palestinian human rights advocate claims the ZOF buried some Palestinians alive during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. This being reported from the Palestinian Information Centre:
Palestinian human rights activist Nashaat Al-Wahidi, revealed Monday that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) deliberately killed Palestinians after detaining them and buried others alive during Israel’s military aggression on the Gaza Strip at the end of December last year.

Wahidi said in his report that the Israeli soldiers liquidated many Palestinian civilians after they were held as prisoners in the invaded areas in Gaza during the war.

He added that during the invasion of Al-Zeitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza, in the same month, Israeli troops buried many civilians who got wounded alive as happened with Ihab Malaka, Waleed Azzam and others, noting that this crime was committed against the wounded civilians who were present west of Dawla apartment building.

The activist also unveiled that many Palestinian civilians disappeared during the Israeli war and their fate is still unknown so far, which entails activating the file of missing Palestinians and Israel’s secret prisons. link CAN PEOPLE IN ENGLAND PLEASE SIGN THIS

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Brett said...

This is got to be the most sickest think i've heard so far. What Animals these Israeli's are. I swear, if i new enough. I would like to send a pirate signal and wake people up to these atrocities, make people see the truth about their beloved damn Zionist terrorist. I hate even having to describe them like this. I'll just say "Pethetic excuse of humans". Exactly what you teach your kids not to be like.

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