22 October 2009


Chock up another Israeli Racist Apartheid FAIL mission.
Civil rights groups in Israel expressed outrage at last week's announcement that a special undercover unit of the police has been infiltrating and collecting intelligence on Israel’s Arab minority by disguising its officers as Arabs.

It is the first public admission that the Israeli police are using methods against the country’s 1.3 million Arab citizens, adopted long ago in the West Bank and Gaza, where soldiers are regularly sent on missions disguised as Palestinians.

According to Israeli National Police Commissioner David Cohen, the unit was established two years ago after an assessment that there was “no intelligence infrastructure to deal with the Arab community.” In addition, he said, undercover agents had been operating in East Jerusalem for several years to track potential terrorists.

Israel’s Arab leaders denounced the move as confirmation that the Arab minority was still regarded by the police as “an enemy” – a criticism made by a state commission of inquiry after police shot dead 13 unarmed Arab demonstrators inside Israel and wounded hundreds more at the start of the second intifada in 2000.

In a letter of protest to Israeli officials this week, Adalah, a legal rights group, warned that the unit’s creation violated the constitutional rights of the Arab minority and risked introducing “racial profiling” into Israeli policing.

Awad Abdel Fattah, general secretary of the National Democratic Assembly party, whose activists are regularly interrogated by the police even though the party is represented in the national parliament, said there was strong evidence that undercover units had been operating in Arab communities for many years. (NOTED BY THE HUGE AMOUNT OF IDF DOGS ON THE STREETS)

“The question is, why are the police revealing this information now? I suspect it is designed to intimidate people, making them fear that they are being secretly watched so that they don’t participate in demonstrations or get involved in politics. It harms the democratic process.”

Secret agents disguised as Arabs – known in Hebrew as “mista’aravim” – were used before Israel’s founding. Jews, usually recruited from Arab countries, went undercover in neighboring states to collect intelligence.

Mr Abdel Fattah said there were widespread suspicions that mista’avarim officers had been operating for years at legal demonstrations held by Israel’s Arab citizens, including at the protests against Israel’s winter attack on Gaza. He said they were often disguised so that they could photograph demonstrators.

He said a woman activist from his party had been called in by the police for interrogation after a demonstration last year in the Arab town of Arrabeh. “The officer told her, ‘I know what you were saying because I was standing right next to you’. (Did you not notice me? That was me peeing on your leg and drinking water from the ditch)

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Woman you crack me up. That picture has amused me for years but only YOU would end up posting it to make me split my sides laughing at your fresh take.

Thank you, I needed that smile. I just posted this same piece a few hours ago I see. But used very different imagery of ... well, just go look at the pictures.

As to the article. We know that infiltration goes on ALL the time. I have seen and lived with it since the 1960's in the hippy peace movement. Also if you go to YouTube you will find a LOT of videos of agent provocateurs being exposed during peace actions.

The question is WHY at this time are they "coming clean"? HAH And why are people acting surprised that this goes on?

The biggest weapon the enemy has against us is our naivete if they really did not know.

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