22 October 2009

Tony Blairs Niece Visits Palestine

Eight-year-old Alexandra Darby, the niece of Quartet Envoy Tony Blair, toured the West Bank this week on a bicycle, peddling an estimated 200 kilometers from Amman to Jerusalem.
For those who do not know, Alexandra Darby is the daughter of Lauren Booth:
Lauren Booth is a half-sister of Cherie Blair and the sixth daughter of the actor Tony Booth. She is the sister-in-law of former British prime minister Tony Blair. She is married to actor Craig Darby, has two children and a home in the South of France.MORE:
Asked what she will tell her school friends about the Peace Cycle journey she participated in, Alex reflected, “I’ll tell them that the people here are very nice, not like they say in the newspapers.”

The West Bank is not a usual vacation site for most eight-year-olds. But, mother, journalist and activist Lauren Booth explained, “She’s been asking me for the last five years why she can’t go to Palestine, and despite fact that the Israelis can make it bloody trying to get in and out, the greeting here I knew would be so sensational for her that I didn’t have a reason not to bring her.”

Why doesn’t Alex think other kids get to come to Palestine? “Because, of course, the telly, which says Palestinians are not like us, that they are a revolting people, a violet people, a nasty people, its mad. In fact it’s the exact opposite, it’s the Israelis.” link


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Article By Khalid Amayreh


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